Leaving job with a full client load + $25k cash months

I’m SO pumped to share this client file with you because it illustrates one of the core issues I work on with a lot of my clients- enoughness.

I’ve noticed this theme with so many of the smart, talented, amazing women I work with where they’re constantly playing a tape in the background that says they’re not QUITE enough as they are.

I see this impact how much they’re working, how often they change their strategies, how far away success can feel, how fast their results show up, and so much more. It’s one of my FAVORITE things to work through with clients that need it because I see it change EVERYTHING in terms of results and that’s exactly what we’re looking at in this Client Files edition.



This client came to me with just a couple of clients and really struggling to build her business. She was “doing” a lot (sometimes working until past midnight) and not seeing the results for it even though she REALLY loved coaching and loved her people. Any of you know that feeling? It’s SUCH a frustrating place to be when you KNOW you’re meant for this, are working really hard at it and can’t seem to get the results you want. This left her jumping from strategy to strategy and never feeling like she could crack the code or that what she was doing was enough. She also had a part time job she really wanted to leave to coach full time but it was feeling so far out of reach.

We did a lot of mindset work, reined her strategy WAY in, got her more focused than ever before, and executing in a way that was realistic, focused, and allowed her to actually make SPACE for the clients she wanted (rather than just staying ‘busy’).

This resulted in her leaving her part time job, hitting consistent five-figure cash months for months and months in a row, being booked out nearly 4.5 months in ADVANCE, taking trips she’d been dreaming of for so long, and ultimately hitting $25k cash months.

That’s some incredible stuff right? To go from totally flustered, working until after midnight, and overwhelmed at just a few clients to totally locked in, focused, and making fantastic money (without burning out) and WITH a full client load!

Now, I want to be fully transparent that it didn’t happen overnight, we had been working together for over a year, but that’s why I love this client and her story. Because it doesn’t need to happen in 2.5 seconds for you to ultimately get the results you want. Her drive, tenacity, and willingness to work through everything standing in the way of her having what she wants is such an inspiration. If you’re someone that doesn’t see it happening immediately, I hope this is proof that it doesn’t HAVE to and that there can still be life, business, and bank account changing results on the other side anyway.


When this client came to me she had a lot of mindset challenges around “enoughness”. I see this in SO many of the women I coach and it can keep us feeling like we’re never good enough, never doing enough, never know enough, and will never BE enough. And ya know what? It’s total bullshit. I LOVE working through this with clients because it LITerally changes EVERYTHING. I watched this client go from totally unsure of herself to totally thriving in asking for what she wants, sharing in the way she wants, and building the exact life and business she wants KNOWING it’s all enough.

But let me be clear- she did the damn WORK. Enoughness stuff isn’t easy, y’all. Most people would rather re-do their funnel for the tenth time than really look at it. BUT I’ve only and ever seen it be the magic key that opens the door to everything you want (if it’s something you’re really struggling with), and that was absolutely the case for this client.


When you are feeling like you are never going to know enough (see mindset) it’s really hard to stick to one strategy. That story and thought process often leaves you trying so many different things. Not even because you’re looking for a quick fix (though sure, sometimes, yes), but because what you’re really looking for is that feeling that you FINALLY know enough. We worked with this client to pick ONE strategy, to stick to it, to replicate it, test it, and tweak it until it became a well-oiled machine (shiny objects be damned). And guess what? It did. She knows how to get clients on repeat, she knows what works for her, and she’s completely ditched having to work until midnight because there’s NOT something else she HAS to know in order to be good enough or get clients NOW.


Execution was something this client DID NOT have a problem with (as is the case with so many of my clients dealing with “enoughness” challenges). She worked and did A LOT as I mentioned above. Getting her locked in on a strategy and then LETTING her execution slow way down was a total mindf*ck for her, though. We worked really diligently on re-writing those stories and letting things be simple and easy and it finally showed up in her execution. She’s now able to take that run or have that lunch with a girlfriend in the middle of the day because she knows what the IMPORTANT things are to execute on and she’s so committed to letting it get better and better and easier and easier.


The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. Do the “enoughness work”. It’s not the fun or easy stuff but it’s the most impactful stuff. You cannot have the story that you don’t know enough, do enough, or just aren’t good enough and create results that suggest otherwise. It’s not possible. So if you want results that look like having more than enough money, more than enough time, and more than enough success? You have to feel enough NOW. It’s truly the path and it makes ALL the difference in a way that a shiny new funnel, website, or ads strategy simply can’t.
  2. Shiny objects are your enemy. I see so many entrepreneurs move from strategy to strategy and no matter the reason, it almost always slows your results WAY down. It’s like jumping from one sport to another every 30 days and expecting to get Olympic-level good. It’s just not going to happen. The same is true with strategy. Having the discipline to stick with it, to work your mindset around it, and to really see it through and give it a chance to play out is such a gift to yourself and your business and the results WILL follow if you keep your focus and ignore all of those shiny objects.
  3. Letting it be good and easy MATTERS. I often share Caroline Dooner’s quote that says, “how you get something is also how you will experience it” with clients because I really believe that if you build your success on hustle and burnout that is ALSO how you’ll experience your success. Letting it be good and easy NOW is the direct and only path to it feeling good and easy when you reach the success you want. I can’t stress enough how important this has been for this client and is exactly WHY her success actually FEELS like success NOW.


As always, the point isn’t for you to have to use all of these exact strategies, but it is to remind you that the big results are in mindset, strategy, and execution and finding what truly works for you!




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