Hitting every. single. goal. in business after a strategic pivot

I’m SO pumped to share this client file with you because it’s about a client who pivoted her entire business and created some epic results- FAST. I feel like there’s such a fine line in this industry between changing your message every 5 minutes and doing a really strategic, aligned pivot. And this case study is going to illustrate just that!



This client came to me ready to make a seriously strategic pivot in her business. She had been running a business that, while it was making her great money, wasn’t making her thrive. As a mom of a young child and someone who was committed to her family and self-care she knew she needed to change her business model to fit her life.

And of course, you know I was game for supporting her to create not only the new business but the lit up life too.

In less than a year of working together, she had filled her practice, hit ALL of her goals, and started booking herself out for the FOLLOWING year (9 months in advance!). Oh, and she did it in 25-30 hours a week max.

When I asked her what she’d want me to include for this case study she literally said, “That I’ve hit every goal I’ve set for myself.” I mean… how incredible is that?!

Not to mention it is equating to crossing six figures before Q4 even began and making consistent five-figure months with serious ease.



When this client came to me she had already been “doing the work” in this area. She’s someone that sees the value in mindset in a BIG way but its also one of the reasons she wanted to work together. Because she knew as she pivoted and as she went to each new level in her business that she’d need to keep focused on mindset and she was exactly right. She’s had some major mindset up-levels around leading a team, having to do the hard things that come with that, serving more and more people, bragging on herself and her results, and continuing to make her own needs and happiness and priority throughout it!



That seriously strategic pivot I mentioned? That’s exactly what this client did. She created targeted messaging to take her audience along with her and she got really personal with sharing how her business was changing and why. Then she created a monthly plan that she could replicate over and over again that made it easy for her and her team to execute on (more on that below) and created a really consistent leads funnel that gets her clients on repeat (not to mention that she got to refine and get better and better at). This client also figured out what works for her around sales, what platform serves her best and went ALL IN.



Execution was something this client does NOT have a problem with. However, a lot of our work was to actually pull her BACK on executing too much so she could have a business that supported her as much as she supported it. That’s why designing that super simple, replicable monthly strategy was SO key. Because once she set the container, her team could really drive the bus. This allowed her to show up in the areas that ONLY she can show up in. That means her 25 hours are being used efficiently and she’s not pulling that laptop out late at night to get caught up.



The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. It’s OK to pivot. Obviously changing your message and business all the time is just going to slow you down, but sometimes strategically pivoting in a way that you know serves you, your life, and your people is the best choice you can make. Don’t be afraid to change “good” for “great”. Once you know the mechanics of how to create success in your business you CAN apply it to do it again in another area you feel called to. Taking the leap can feel scary but DAMN can it pay off — and you can see how quickly it did for this client. Because not only has she created those six-figure results but she created the lit up life too.
  2. Simple strategy is always best. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone in the online space wants to make things WAY more complicated than they need to be? You should be able to lay out and explain your strategy in a really simple way because if that’s true, it means you can outsource a lot of it! By creating a simple strategy that we replicated month after month this client could focus on refining and outsourcing and THAT is why she’s seeing the big results from it now.
  3. Each new level of your business requires different mindset up-levels no matter how “locked in” you think you have it. As I said before, this client had an amazing mindset coming in. BUT when new things happen, like being in charge of a team, having clients counting on you, having more people you’re serving, and so much more… your mindset needs to change with it. Mindset work is a never-ending process and when you can treat it like that and give it the space, time, and respect it deserves- that’s when the real magic happens!


As always, the point isn’t for you to have to use all of these exact strategies, but it is to remind you that the big results are in mindset, strategy, and execution and finding what truly works for you!