From “wildly unpredictable” to consistent 5-figure months

Have you ever been at that place in your business where you’re SURE what you’re doing is not working, it’s SO uncomfortable to stay in it, and you JUST want the result?

I get it. It’s so challenging to be in that place where you’re wondering if it can really work for you, and thinking there are so many other things you should be doing or are missing… but if you stay in it and keep going, there is magic on the other side.

This client file is the PERFECT example of that in so many ways! It has what appears to be the quick results but it also SO did NOT feel like it for this client in the moment. However, looking back on it my client can see that it was working all along. Is it possible that could be true for you now too?

So if you’re someone that is feeling that same way right now, I hope this Client Files serves you in a big way, and reminds you of what’s possible. Let’s dive into the magic that is this case study…



This client came to me making inconsistent income and about $1-5k/mo. She felt like she didn’t even really know where the clients were coming from or how to get more. She was doing a lot of the things but was feeling really unclear why the results seemed so elusive and hard to come by. She described it as “wildly unpredictable”.

Her goal in our 6 months together was to be able to hit a $10k month (and she basically felt like she’d have to be a different person for that to happen if we’re being honest- maybe you’ve had a similar thought??).

But here’s the thing… not only did she hit that $10k month (make that more like $14k+ cash month), but she now knows how to do it again and again. She went from those inconsistent months to $5k, to $8k, and less than 2 months later up to nearly $15k in cash. Did I mention she also completely booked out her 1:1 and is now getting ready to scale?

I feel like every time I open Basecamp she’s celebrating a new client and a new win! She’s also doing it with 2 kids under 5 at home and on less than 20 hrs of work per week.

Also of note is that she’s doing this on a small FB group and list (less than 500 each) and with no ad spend. She’s just simply decided to work the plan and let it be simple and it’s worked incredibly well (more on that below!).

We now constantly laugh at how hard she thought it had to be and how much she felt like she was missing something. Now she realizes how EASY it can be and often marvels at the fact that she’s a booked out coach just by being herself (not having to change who she was!) and doing about 20 hrs of things that feel FUN each week.



When this client came to me she definitely believed in mindset but more as an afterthought than the biggest priority. She saw that it was important but she felt the strategy was more of what was in her way. I remember a few calls when she felt like it just wasn’t working and I kept pushing her to make mindset the priority. She finally got sick enough of hearing it (after joking that there really was a point she’d wondered if she’d hired the right coach! lol!) and decided to double down on mindset for 2 weeks. HELLO $8k month. Then she went even deeper and checked in on Basecamp EVERY. DAY. to let me know she did mindset work (and didn’t miss a single day). Hello $14k months. And last week I just got a message from her about how every single thing she’s written down is coming true. Seriously, it seems like magic, but practically it works REALLY. FREAKING. WELL.



This client actually did have a strategy when she came to me (way more than she thought she did). She had a FB group, insta account, and was putting out and sharing content. But she felt like she needed to do things WILDLY different for them to work. That wasn’t the truth. We actually doubled down on what she was doing but we just did it better. Instead of just putting out content, we made sure she was putting out content that focused on giving value, sharing her messaging and showing the exact result she could get people. Instead of just going live in her FB group and being seen as the friend, she started going live as an expert and authority and started owning how much she can help people (and of course now her own clients are hitting those $10k months too!!). Instead of just getting on sales calls, we made sure she was fully selling, diving into objections and following up with boss energy. The point wasn’t to do more, it was to do it better and make it easier and that paid off so much.



Execution is something this client does well, but it’s also something she does not have a TON of time for. She had two small kids under 5 at home and didn’t have hours and hours each day to work. She had a lot of stress at the beginning feeling like she needed more time to contribute to her business than she had. When we finally broke it down to how much time she’d spend on the different pieces of her business including calls, content and follow ups she realized it was really do-able and started to lean into making it WAY easier. She also stopped telling herself the story that she NEEDED to do more, and guess what? Now she’s able to make so much more, not only with less work, but honestly with a whole lot less stress.



The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. Making mindset your #1 priority changes EVERYTHING. You can literally see the change in this client from when she was focusing all on the effort to when she was focusing all on the mindset. We’re talking going to $8k and nearly doubling that less than 2 months later without doing ANYTHING differently in her strategy. We worked through doubts, looked at the fears keeping her stuck, and got her REALLY bought into what she was doing and the belief that it was possible. Now she fully realizes the power of mindset and we even joke that when people ask her how she got her results she can just say “I wrote them down everyday”.
  2. It’s not about changing your strategy but going deeper with what you’re already doing. I see so many people in the trap of thinking they need to know more and do more. Not only is that a self-fulfilling prophecy but it will burn you out. When you can really look at what you’re already doing and double down on doing it really, really well that’s when things will shift. That’s when you know how to make sales again and again. You’re not going to land on one magic strategy that doesn’t require sticking in it and improving. So you might as well pick one, stick to it (you know my philosophy is pick + stick!), and get really focused on doing it super well. Not to mention that’s what allows you to work less and create a replicable strategy you can use again and again.
  3. You can be a success just being you. This client has been really vocal about the fact that she almost felt like the $10k version of her would have to be different (not in the good growth way, but like in the “not enough” way). She’d have to be more professional, know more, do more, etc. Now she’s realized that actually, the more she’s her and the more she just fully owns that, the easier it is to get results. In fact, she now focuses a lot of her content on reminding her audience the same. Because when she finally owned that JUST AS SHE IS, she’s a five-figure month, booked out coach- everything shifted and got way easier.


I hope this really helps to illustrate that we all have our own paths but that we all have similar challenges as well. Know that if this client can shift, and quickly create those results it’s possible for you too.

As always, the point isn’t for you to have to use all of these exact strategies, but it is to remind you that the big results are in mindset, strategy, and execution and finding what truly works for you and then implementing it to get the results you want most in your business!





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