From $844 to $25k+ per month

You guys know I’m a BIG believer at sticking to things and working them until they work.

However, I do see that there is a big difference between really feeling aligned with that thing and feeling like you’re just “supposed” to stay in it to prove something.

Normally, when I see people not sticking to something and bouncing from thing to thing it’s something they REALLY want but they’re experiencing fear, shiny object syndrome, and mindset issues.

This client that I’m about to introduce you to… was NOT that.

She was sticking in something that she was no longer aligned with but feeling like she should push through and stay in it. And let me tell you, as soon as she let that go some serious magic unfolded for her.

I’m so excited for you to read this Client File for that exact reason… because it’s a reminder that the actions we need to take to grow, move forward, and get results are ALL different.

Sometimes we need to really stick in it and keep going. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to shift. And THAT is why personalized coaching is the most valuable thing we can do. Because it’s not just about the actions we take but the actions that serve US individually.

So let’s dive in…



When this client came to me she was making about $1000/mo in her business. She was feeling REALLY frustrated because the amount of work she had been putting in was far exceeding that figure and had been for a very long time.

We started to dive into what needed to shift, what it would take to change that, and what had to happen. This client is NOT someone that shys away from doing hard work, but it just kept feeling off for her.

We uncovered that while this business was something that she was interested in and had had a lot of passion around, it just wasn’t feeling aligned as something she really wanted to focus on all day every day anymore. The passion she initially felt simply wasn’t there.

The coolest thing? Once she was able to admit that, the thing that she DID want to focus on all day every day was SO. OBVIOUS. It was something she had been dabbling in on the side for quite some time, but never thought she could/should really make it a business.

Then, things REALLY took off.

She literally made $844 the last month she worked in her previous business. When she started the new one she made $15k the first month, $25k the next, and it’s continued to be steady from there.

Trust me, I understand that sounds CRAZY. Frankly, we were both pretty blown away. But this illustrates what can happen when you REALLY listen to yourself and get aligned rather than just doing what you feel like you should be doing.

She’s continued to grow her team and business from there and she’s happier than she’s been in business in a long time. Not only that, but she’s been able to travel and spend more time with family, pay off all of her debt, and find more ease than she’s ever had in business.



This client definitely has a positive mindset but after being in a business that wasn’t growing the way she wanted it to for a couple of years she was DEFINITELY struggling with challenges related to money mindset and pressure. We focused on creating a safe container to say the things she needed to about the business (how she had lost a lot of that passion), not make it wrong, and turn the pressure WAY down. From there we were able to really explore what stories she was holding on to that were making her stay in a business that wasn’t serving her, shift them, and open up the opportunity to explore something new and ALLOW it be really successful, really quickly.



This client actually had a solid strategy going, but if the business fundamentally isn’t something that you’re aligned with deep down, even the best strategy will fall flat. When we shifted the strategy to growing the new business, it was amazing how little strategy she needed to have in place and how much it flowed. We focused on just taking the next right step, letting things be messy, and using it all as data and it played out so well. It was such a reminder that sometimes the right opportunities are sitting right under your nose, but it just takes opening to them.



Execution is something this client does REALLY well. Most of her results have come from letting herself actually do less, not more. In her previous business she had been putting in a TON of work with not a lot to show for it. She’s actually worked LESS in her new business and made WAY more. She’s done that by allowing herself to have more fun in life, delegate in the business, and recognizing that prioritizing her own joy and alignment is key. That doesn’t mean she’s not willing to show up- she ABSOLUTELY does. She’s always willing to put in that extra time when needed, but it does mean she’s seen that results don’t ONLY come from hard work.



The things I hope you take away from this client are:

  1. Crazy results can happen when you least expect it. I’ve seen this again and again with clients where things can shift and it can feel VERY much like “overnight success” even though they’d been working at it for so long. You really never know when/what will create that boom, but staying committed to yourself and your path is so key. I think this ALSO shows that every “overnight success” story usually has a lot of challenges behind it that don’t always get shared, which is why I was so happy to share this client’s story with you!
  2. Permission to shift without making yourself wrong. The biggest challenge this client had in making this shift was worrying that it might mean she was quitting or giving up. When she turned down the pressure to prove something and stopped making it mean anything about her, she was able to take new actions that served her. Giving yourself permission to feel what you feel and be where you are is one of the things that SEEMS like it can be a detriment to success but it’s actually such an important factor in it. It helps you to notice things sooner, shift faster, and make the decisions that truly serve you.
  3. It’s not just about working harder. It’s so cool when you can truly see that more effort does NOT always equal more results. This client was able to see that while showing up and being committed is important it’s only ONE piece of the puzzle. This has made it so much easier for her to let things be a little messy, delegate more, and have more fun in her new business (and you can see what a difference that made in her growth). It’s such a trap to think more work is always the answer, so let this client remind you that it’s only part of what creates success- not all of it.


I hope this really helps to illustrate that because we all have our own paths, we all need to take different action as well.

Some of us need to stay in it more and stop chasing the next shiny object.

Some of us need permission to make a change without making ourselves wrong.

As always, the point isn’t for you to have to be on the same path as this client, but it is to remind you that the big results are in mindset, strategy, and execution and getting support that TRULY fits you and can help you see and shift the things that are keeping you stuck.





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