Do The Work: BTS of what it looks like for multi-six and seven-figure entrepreneurs to get epic results

I LOVE sharing these behind-the-scenes looks with you and in this edition, we’re recapping a whole bunch of results I think are going to totally blow your mind. (So will the Mindset, Strategy, and Execution that made these possible… PLUS I have a way for you to hear even more behind-the-scenes!)

In this Client Files, I’m sharing 5 results from 5 clients who joined me for the Do The Work series on LITerally® to share what it really means for them to “do the work” and get big results. This is going to be incredibly inspiring, so let’s dig in!



One client scaled to $60k months (and a multi-six figure business) with a whole bunch of ease. Another client grew from $0 to $500k in sales in just 9 months and hit her first $100k launch. A different client scaled from $50k in revenue in 2018 to $250k in 2019 and was on track for $350k or MORE (as a health coach with NO paid marketing). A fourth client grew from $0 to $1 million in 9 months plus had her first $500k live event. Another client had a $201k cash QUARTER (despite some serious morning sickness).

INSANE, right?!



The one thing ALL of these clients have in common (besides their epic results, of course!) is MINDSET. If you ask these clients about the role mindset plays in their business and specifically their success, they will tell you it’s EVERYTHING. (I know because I asked during each Do The Work episode 😉 and I’m telling you each client told me that mindset was LITerally everything without knowing anybody else had said that, too!)

These clients do SERIOUS mindset work. What that looks like is different for each one (and you can hear their stories on Do The Work with the EXACT mindset routines they follow) but one thing is certain: the results that come through in your business when you prioritize mindset every single day are WILD.



While all of these clients have different strategies (some use FB groups, some love Instagram, others live for livestreams and live events), what these clients do have in common is a commitment to doing what works for THEM (and doing it over and over again). These clients are intentional about finding, fine-tuning, and mastering the strategies that feel good to them and their clients and refuse to believe growth only comes from one path or one plan. Not only that but these clients ALSO stay IN their strategy, meaning they work it over and over again until it works. They haven’t scaled to these big numbers because they’re doing 100 different things. They’ve scaled because they’re doing the same few things over and over again and getting better and better at them.



This probably doesn’t surprise you, but these clients are consistent in their execution. But please know that when I say consistent, I do NOT mean perfect. These clients show up in their businesses consistently and intentionally and in order for them to do that they know they have to be willing to show up imperfectly. These clients did NOT wait for things to feel pretty or polished before they launched, shared content, or got on sales calls. They were (and are) willing to get uncomfortable and show up even when they’re not “ready” and they know that consistency will continue to get them results! They also depend on TEAM to support their execution. They know that coaching support is invaluable, but so is team support. They build trust with and rely on other partners in their business so that they’re not the only one powering their forward momentum.



These are the things I want you to take from these clients and apply to YOUR business!

  1. Do. The. (Mindset.) Work. This is a NON-NEGOTIABLE and the #1 thing that will grow your business in extraordinary ways. I cannot overemphasize the importance of mindset work and I hope the stories of these clients will help you find the mindset routine that really works and feels good to you (because all of them are different, but they’re all doing the damn thing)!
  2. You can have a WILDLY successful business doing what you love in a way you love. You do not have to follow what someone else does and there is not just one way to build a profitable, sustainable business. In fact, these clients show us that even GREATER success flows when you give yourself the permission to do what works for you and sell in the way that feels good to you! And on that note- get support that also believes you can do it your way. These clients have all worked with me for a long time BECAUSE of that exact reason. They know I’m here for THEM and their overall best life and business, not to push my own agenda.
  3. Show up consistently. NOTHING replaces consistency when it comes to getting visible and no visibility = no business. These clients show us that it’s not about doing more, it’s about committing to what works over and over again (with the right support to help that happen). They also show us that being consistent does not mean being perfect and does not mean showing up 24 hours a day. You can create results whether you have 40 hours a week or 20 hours a week and the key is to commit to whatever is doable for YOU!


I love this edition of the Client Files so much because it really helps illustrate how there’s not ONE magic secret to success, except for finding the secret that fits YOU. If you want to know what that looks like for each of these clients, you’ll LOVE to the Do The Work Series on LITerally®! Listen to all 5 episodes here.





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