Creating $30k months

I want this series to help you see that there are different ways to get results, and the best ones are the ways that actually fit YOU.

It’s not about one strategy, one plan, or one mindset practice. Ultimately, it’s about running your own business (and your own race for that matter) and finding what makes you and your audience tick the most.

And I want you to get it in a bite-sized format that helps you totally get it without feeling more confused or overwhelmed (because it’s pretty easy in this space to go OK to overwhelmed in about 60 seconds ya know?)

So let’s dive in to this next edition of The Client Files Series.



This client recently had her first $30k month. She’s someone that’s had great success but knew she was ready to double + triple the income she was bringing in. After setting her $30k goal she hit it FAST and has gone on to make that her new normal moving forward!



This client has done some DEEP mindset work. She is INSANELY willing to look at what’s there and is always doing work on her own and bringing insights and experiences to our sessions that help us to make big leaps forward, fast. Because honestly? When you do this work? The other work gets SO much easier.



This client is stellar on livestreams and at creating content. She is someone that has lots of ideas and really likes to be in flow and has gotten excellent at letting herself step into that. She’s run challenges, launched a course, and has 1:1 clients so she has been focused on making all of those flow together (and they have beautifully- hello upsells!)



This client shows up really consistently. She’s definitely not someone with a strict or rigid schedule (she travels often and lives abroad), but she’s really consistent with making her business a priority! We’ve really worked on her stepping out of the back end of the business so she can be forward facing more often, and she’s working on delegating more and more.



The things I hope you take away from this client are:

  1. Set goals that feel GOOD. The $30k mark was a stretch goal, but it felt really good and she really worked on embodying it, so it came fast.
  2. Know what you shine at. If it’s on livestreams? Do that more! Long form content? Perfect, make it your thang! This client knows what she loves and what her audience loves so it’s easy to thrive.
  3. To that point- it also means knowing that if you’re building a business based on YOU, you thrive more the more you stay in FRONT of the scenes and not behind it. So if you have big goals, it’s time to delegate, build your team, and offload the backend stuff that doesn’t require YOU.

I hope this helps and really illustrates that there’s not ONE magic secret to success, except for finding the secret that fits YOU.




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