Building the foundation for long-term, scalable growth

Why am I so obsessed with showing behind the scenes in business?

Because this industry has become a lot of smoke and mirrors, but has SO MUCH GOODNESS in it too.

We’re all taught that it has to be a certain way (perfect) and look a certain way (also, perfect) and if it doesn’t then, obvs, we’re screwed up and need to buy another 100 courses to fix ourselves.

I don’t buy it (or the courses, tbh). I think this business thing is fantastic, messy, beautiful, difficult, and all the things in between. Some days it feels like you’re basically going to explode into stardust you’re so happy/fulfilled/excited and others it feels like you’re going to explode on the next human that looks at you (not in the stardust way).

And so by sharing some of the specifics, the behind the scenes, and how each client does it differently (and has different results), I hope it gives you permission to ride the wave that is entrepreneurship and enjoy the hell out of the ride, instead of always making yourself wrong along the way.

So let’s dive into this next client I’m sharing with you. She was a relatively new client (we’d had 9 sessions together over 3 months at the time this was written), and I picked her because I want to show you what can happen in that time frame but also give you some perspective as to what’s normal too!



This client has booked a ton of sales calls, had two clients sign on, and has several “yeses” that she’s in the process of following up with//sending contracts to (between when I’m writing and the time this sends she’ll likely be in the range of 4-5 clients). She’s created her very FIRST offer, built out her offer funnel, began offering calls, completely revamped her message, and grew her social media following – ALL without even having a website. AND while still working her regular job! What she has said is that she feels SO empowered around getting more clients because she now sees the process, believes it works, and knows how to replicate it (and is focused at getting better and better at doing so).

****Now, the thing that’s really fantastic about this client is that what she’s “selling” could seem complicated because she focuses entirely on intuitive eating where weight loss/etc, is not only NOT being sold but she specifically tells her clients they cannot focus on weight loss at ALL during her work with them. I share this because I so often hear people say that business coaches are the ones who make money or that you can’t sell certain results. But I’ll tell you this- if you get locked in on the clear/specific result you ARE selling, and communicate it REALLY effectively in your messaging- anything is possible!



I know I say this every time but — DAYUM. This woman has done some SERIOUS mindset work during our time together so far. She had a lot of limiting beliefs around her ability to sell what she wanted to sell and build a business that felt good AND in integrity and that people would want to buy and/or read her content. And I have really hammered her to work through those stories and make it a daily nonnegotiable. AND SHE HAS. And it’s shown up in her results.



As I mentioned above, this client didn’t have a website (still doesn’t!) or any offers when she came to me. Our strategy was to get REALLY focused on building out an offer funnel that worked for her, felt in integrity (really important in general, but especially with the work she’s doing), and also walked her clients through a full sales process. We started offering call opportunities regularly on social media and she started seeing more and more interest and traction the more she shared. It was initially an edge for her but she has been SO consistent in showing up and sharing the last month//month in a half and has seen amazing traction and results because of it.



When this client came to me she told me right up front that she’s wanted to create an offer multiple times but that her tendency is to gain a little momentum and then fall off because of mindset stuff. She had begun to think of herself as someone that just wasn’t consistent. UNTIL we did the mindset work above. Now, her execution is beautifully on point and her audience, engagement, response rate, and calls is reflecting it right back to her.



The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. Results don’t always look like 30 clients out of the gate. Especially if you’re starting without an offer or even a clear message. BUT 2 clients in 3 months, with many warm leads/follow ups in the works, a way to sell what she actually wants to sell (that others said was not GOING to sell), and a sales process you can repeat again and again- to me? That’s fucking AMAZING (and don’t let all this magical 10k in 10 minutes marketing tell you in ain’t!). The point is- imagine what’s available to her in the NEXT 3 months of our work together if she already knows how to sign these clients with ease. It’s called scaling – raising prices, opening more availability (and leaving that job), and finding HER way to impact even more people with her work, and make more income because of it –> on repeat, even after our 6 months end.
  2. Build your foundation but don’t let things keep you stuck. We really needed to build out the foundational pieces of her business, but we didn’t let the bigger projects like a website keep us stuck. She can do that WHILE she’s making sales rather than feeling like it has to be done FIRST.
  3. Know that your mindset will impact your action/consistency every.single.time. You are NOT someone that’s inconsistent, you are someone that’s developed that habit; probably, in large part because of your beliefs. If you get clear on your strategy and shift your beliefs? You will be executing like a boss in no time.


I hope this helps and really illustrates that there are ALL KIND OF RESULTS. I shared with you a million dollar business built in less than a year last time. I’m also sharing with you a client that got two clients in the same amount of months and I think BOTH are exceptional and BOTH are going to have long-term sustainable, scalable businesses. And my guess? This client will be on a future Client Files for the six/seven figure business she created off the foundation we’re laying NOW.




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