Booking out 1:1 practice in 4 months (and making sales with ease)

I truly endeavor to provide you with value, and ultimately, with the reminder that finding your OWN path to success is truly the best/fastest way to get what you want.

And that’s what these client files are all about… showing you different clients and their path to success, so you can apply it TO you without feeling like you HAVE to do any ONE thing or follow any ONE path. I want you to see that, though they are all different, they all focus on 3 key pieces that you can and should fit to you and your business.

Those pieces are: mindset, strategy, and execution.

Now let’s dive in…



This client came to me having gotten sporadic clients here and there but feeling like she didn’t really know “how” she got them and wanting to do a revamp of her business, her plan, her message, and her all around sales strategy. She wanted to know how to book clients consistently, to feel really solid in her offerings and message, and to ultimately book out her 1:1 practice. I should also mention she wanted to do that while working approx 15 hours/week (and less over the summer) so she could spend time with her family and small child.

And so that’s what we set out to do, and within 4 months she had done all of that and more!

She got incredibly clear/strategic with both her messaging and offerings, she stepped into an entirely new level of confidence, is selling more than ever, and because of all that? COMPLETELY sold out her 1:1 practice.

And I’m not talking 5 clients or some one-off sessions. I’m talking 10+ long-term clients on the regular.

But that’s not REALLY the best part. The best part is that she knows how to do that on REPEAT again and again in the TIME she has. THAT is the magic, ya’ll.

Some of us have more time to work (and some of us may even have less), and some may have bigger or smaller goals, but the result I’m most proud of here is that she was able to hit HER exact goal, in a short amount of time, and WITHIN the time that she has to work (so her other life priorities can STAY priorities).



When this client came to me she was suffering from some SERIOUS comparisonitis. I know we can ALL relate to that. Watching everyone online was making her second guess herself and her own message/strategy often and she was jumping around A LOT wondering if she was really made for this. When we got her eyes on her own paper, upped her mindset work and self-care CONSIDERABLY, a big shift occurred. She stopped looking at others, started really focusing on getting what she wanted, and I have to say… has really embodied being a MASTER manifestor (even manifesting a cash windfall and new job for her husband along the way!).



We had to get REALLY clear and focused on this client’s strategy because she had limited time, so it couldn’t be wasted on anything that wasn’t going to get BIG results. We got INCREDIBLY focused on conversions and put all of our time and attention into making conversions happen fast. This client now often closes long-term packages on calls with ease, and is exceptional at the follow up game (and often gets hired because she was WILLING to do the follow ups). We weren’t constantly churning through her audience but making sure the one she had was converting like crazy- and because of that, she filled her 1:1 and knows how to makes sales on repeat in the future.



This client’s execution had to be ON POINT with 15 hours of working time a week and a goal of serving 10+ clients. We needed to make sure she could execute on EVERYTHING that needed to get done in her business in 5 hours a week so we got SUPER specific with scheduling. I mean, scheduling and setting time frames for EVERYTHING from content to livestreams to social media engagement. We also added a team member to support her growth, and made sure all of her processes were as efficient as possible. So much so that on a recent call she said to me, “I went to yoga and read a magazine today and have time to spare. It almost feels like I’m cheating that I’m getting this much done in this amount of time.”



The things I hope you take away from this client are:

  1. Your business has to work for you, not the other way around. If you only have 15 hours a week to work, but are trying to build your biz by working way MORE than that- you’re going to constantly feel behind, frustrated, and stressed (without the results to show for it). If you get REALLY clear with yourself on what you can give your business and then make that time work FOR you, your results WILL show up. It’s about being realistic with yourself and building your strategy around that… because that’s when you can truly be in an even energy exchange with your business that leaves you feeling amazing WHILE getting results.
  2. Getting really focused gets you big results. Having a tight time frame actually served this client really well because she got hyper-focused on conversions and perfecting her sales process which resulted in booking out her 1:1. Had she had more time, she may have split her focus more and a split focus always yields split results. Having to get super focused in this case really gave her the big results (and taught her that she CAN get what she wants in the time she has).
  3. Knowing how to replicate what works is the MOST important thing you can do in your business. It’s not that this client hadn’t ever gotten a client before we worked together. It was just always so unclear how that worked out or how to replicate it again. So while getting a client is AMAZING, knowing how to get them again and again (on repeat) is truly the biggest gift you can give yourself and your business.