Best year ever + major success even through difficult times

If you’ve been reading these client files for any length of time whatsoever, you know that I believe EVERYTHING comes back to Mindset, Strategy, and Execution.

I also believe those all come back to figuring out how they apply to you, your business, and your personal situation.

And this client file? Well it’s the perfect demonstration of that.

The client I’m going to tell you about had some serious challenges and crossroads presented to her in 2020 (who didn’t, right?!).

In fact… at the beginning of the pandemic she had to cancel a huge in-person event she’d been planning for months, lost clients, speaking opportunities, and overall was faced with a crossroad → Was she going to throw in the towel for 2020 or pivot and keep going?

Of course, she picked pivot (because that’s who she is to her core), and this client file is ALL about that. It’s about finding that place inside yourself that knows you’re stronger than what happens, and about using it to make successful pivots and decisions even in difficult times.



As I said, this client got dealt a difficult hand at the start of the pandemic as so much of her business was based on in-person events and retreats.

However, she made all of these challenges work for her and in less than 6 months she::

  • Sold out ALL her offers including her mastermind and ALL 1:1 spots
  • Filled her 1:1 coaching (she had a goal to do it by the end of the year and did it by Sept 1)
  • Added $20-40k more per month in 4 months working together
  • Signed 20 people into a high-level mastermind + 4 1:1 clients in a single month

She was able to pivot her in-person event online, started speaking on podcasts more instead of in person, and kept serving her audience REALLY freaking well.

All of that came together to make this her best year in business ever (hey hey multiple six figs), and set her up to make 2021 even more impactful and profitable.



I know I say that most of my clients are mindset rockstars, and honestly? It’s true. But this woman is next-freaking-level. She is committed to mindset in the DEEPEST way. When all of these things happened to her business what did she do? She took a day to be upset and then she worked her mindset like it was her full time job. She decided she was going to win, and take her people with her. And that’s exactly what she did. She leaned HARD into her mindset work, her self-trust, and her resilience and it paid off in a big way. She doesn’t just believe in mindset but eats, sleeps, and breathes it. And luckily, she had been “filling her bank account” with it for long enough that when things got rocky, she was able to make a withdrawal and keep on going! So that’s the lesson here- don’t just do mindset work when you need it. Do it BEFORE you need it so you’re resourced for the difficult times (much like saving money 😜).



I can basically sum up this client’s strategy as: “serve your people really well”. Seriously, I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true. This woman hasn’t missed a day of posting or instatories since I’ve known her (seriously, her circle has never turned off!). Even if it’s a quick chat on her morning walk, or sharing what she’s reading… she’s committed to showing the heck up for her people constantly. When I suggest she offers an event, free calls, and more? She’s ALWAYS an all in yes! And honestly? This is the magic. It all comes back to relationships in business (not platforms or particulars). And she’s really made her strategy about connection, which makes people want to hire her because they just want to be around her and build an even deeper relationship with her. I know it can be easy to write that off or think it’s gotta be so much more than that, but truly- connection is everything in your business and any strategy or story you have that says it’s more complicated than that can just keep you stuck.



“Work your butt off AND know your boundaries” about sums this client up. As I said- she shows the heck up. But the thing I love about her is it’s not in a self-sacrificing way. She’s never once said to me, “Omg, I can’t believe I have to show up/post/serve this week”. She certainly had crazy weeks (hey hey pivoting a big event online), but she also makes it a HUGE priority to fill her own cup no matter what. Whether that’s daily time for mindset and physical activity or downtime with her husband- she holds boundaries REALLY well. This makes it so when she DOES show up, she can be fully present and work her butt off in the time she has. It really doesn’t have to be one or the other (i.e. work hard OR take care of yourself)- it’s just about having the right boundaries in place that allow you to do both.



The things I hope you take away from this client are:

  1. Play the long game. This is something this client tells me ALL the time. She literally says constantly “I am here to play the long-game”. This made it SO much easier for her when the sh*t hit the fan. She wasn’t thinking, “Omg, how do I fix all of this in the next month?”. She was asking, “How can I pivot in a way that sustains my business long term?”. Ironically, because of that- she actually DID turn it around really quickly, but it also let her have a really successful remainder of the year and set herself up in a big way for 2021 too!
  2. Even in big challenges we can find big rewards. This client having her whole event fall apart allowed her to find a way to run it that reached even more people. Many of the people that ended up coming may NOT have come had they only had an in-person option. Because of that, she was able to have a really successful launch off the back end of it and serve her people even more. I’m not saying it wasn’t tough, but I am saying when the smoke cleared it worked out better than we could have ever expected. And that’s the magic in staying in it and moving through every challenge- you don’t know what’s waiting for you on the other side.
  3. Take care of yourself really well so you can take care of others really well. When we care REALLY deeply it can be SO easy to overgive. This client is some who C-A-R-E-S. And because of that? She has to care for herself really hard too. That means not skipping that daily walk, devotional, or mindset time no matter HOW much easier it would be. That means stopping work in the evenings, and it means making the time to take vacations even and especially when things feel “busy”. This means that when things DO happen, she’s so much more resourced, prepared, and available to handle them. Seriously- this is kind of the whole hack. Take the vitamin/eat healthy BEFORE you get sick, ya know? Same is true here. Take care of you SO THAT you can take great care of your people (even in a challenging time).


As always, the point isn’t for you to have to be on the same path as this client, but it is to remind you that the big results are in mindset, strategy, and execution and getting support that TRULY fits you and can help you see and shift the things that are keeping you stuck.





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