7-figure business in under a year

I have recently become even MORE obsessed with showing exactly what it takes for each client to create success, how each client has their own process, and how great coaching meets them IN THAT instead of expecting them to step out of it.

In fact, that’s why I have a podcast where you get to listen in weekly to me coach ONE client for 6 months so you can really see the behind the scenes and the ENTIRE journey instead of just the shiny bits and pieces. If you want to find out more about that, click here.

Now, let’s dive in to this next edition of The Client Files Series.



Oh gosh, where do I start with this one? This client is an absolute magical unicorn. She came to me with NO coaching business and in six months had her first six-figure cash month, was featured in Forbes and Business Insider, and a sold-out group program filled with 120 people. Just three months later, she had a $500k Mastermind Launch. And it’s only been up from there.

She created a seven figure business in under a year and has grown and scaled it in the most epic of ways including: multiple-six-figure group program launches, six-figure course launches, grown her Facebook group to 20k people, built out a strong team, and regularly sells 1:1 spots for $75k.



THIS. IS. THE. THING. This woman has ROCK SOLID belief in herself. Has she always? NOPE. Did she make it her full-time job to cultivate it? Yup, yup she did. In fact, she took her first five figures and bought herself an epic luxury gift because she believed in her SOUL that there was “more where that came from”. She is someone who knows that when she makes a decision, gets her belief behind it, and takes action from that place… the sky is the limit. So anytime we’re not experiencing the results or trajectory we want in her business? It’s always back to mindset we go.



This client has figured out what works for her and WORKS IT. She is NEVER consumed by shiny object syndrome and is REALLY strategic in how she thinks about everything in her business; from what team member we’re bringing on to what the livestream series topic is that we’ll use. She built her business off of livestreams and great PR and continues to leverage those on the regular without deviating to a million other things, because she knows what works and she stays committed to working it.



I’m going to be super honest… this client has not always been consistent on the daily with her marketing, but the thing about her is that when she goes in, she is ALL THE WAY IN. She has executed AMAZING launches full of killer marketing, value, and results because when she shows up she dedicates 1000% of herself to it. And the reminder there is that finding your OWN version of consistency is SO KEY. She certainly IS consistent but it might not look like a daily post, but her audience knows that she will show up for them in a BIG way and deliver BIG value when she does and she’s built that relationship with them in a deep way.



The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. Mindset isn’t LESS of a thing the more success you create, it’s even MORE of a thing. In fact, the longer you’ve been in business and the bigger the results you create the more you realize that mindset is 90% of the game.
  2. Find what works for you and rinse and repeat at each new level. Don’t jump from thing to thing- or try to do it like someone else is. Find your thing, put strategy around it, and work it. Then? You can’t HELP but grow. Chase all the shiny objects and then? You’ll just be tired and frustrated.
  3. Know what YOUR version of consistency is and lean into it. Your business likely won’t be successful without relationships and consistency but you get to decide what that looks like for you and show up for that (and communicate it with your audience).

I hope this helps and really illustrates that there’s not ONE magic secret to success, except for finding the secret that fits YOU. And then when you do? The sky is the limit as far as results!




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