6-figures in 6 months

I think that so often we hear of someone hitting big numbers and it can feel like:

But how?! What do they know that I don’t?!

The truth is, often it’s not something they know but it’s about the fact that they got out of their own way enough to take big action, coupled with big belief.

It’s so important to hear that because we can spend forever looking for the secret (literally months or years). When ultimately the secret lies in showing up like it’s true (even when we don’t know the exact path).

This client file is the PERFECT example of that in so many ways! It has the big/quick results but it also came with so much action and belief. So let’s dive into the magic that is this case study…



This client came to me right before she was about to leave her corporate job. She had a really high-level (and high-paying) corporate job, but her health was suffering because of it. She could no longer deal with the stress and had decided to leave in favor of another promotion. And I gotta tell you… this woman came READY to make this work (more on that below under mindset). And make it work she did… before she left her job she secured $10k months and made nearly $20k months shortly after leaving. In exactly 6 months from leaving her job she crossed the six figure mark in her business (in CASH, not sales to be clear). Not to mention, grew her team, her reach, her income streams, and her skills in a big way. Pretty insane right?!

It goes to show that quick results ARE totally possible. To go from having no business and a corporate career to having a six-figure business six months later is ABSOLUTELY possible.

For context, this client is not a coach but does have a service based business that focuses on HR, operations, and data. So not only is it possible, but it’s possible for lots of different business models as well.

But there was a lot that went on behind the scenes to make that happen…



When this client came to me she was really confident in her decision to leave corporate. She had FULLY decided it was happening and was SO in belief and decision about her ability to translate her skills and make money online. However she was frequently questioning the business she had decided to build, all of her actions, and finding it really difficult to stay focused on one thing. We worked a lot on taking it one day at a time, trusting her own decisions, and pivoting when it strategically made sense (and not out of fear). She now trusts herself more than ever and moves through the growth of her business with so much more ease and so much less intensity. Sometimes the bigger beliefs we have don’t translate into those day to day beliefs/actions and by working on that piece of her mindset we really created more alignment with ALL of it.



This has been an evolving thing for sure. This client has A LOT of skills she brings from the corporate environment so it’s been a challenge to find where she most loved using them. We tried and tested different things and have continued to evolve the strategy as the business evolved. She has also been able to create multiple streams of income as her skills and business evolved as well (in large part by serving clients really well, getting referrals, collaborations, and more). So yes, you do want to be clear on your strategy but it’s 100% ok to let it evolve with your business, business model, and the opportunities that are popping up for you as well.



Execution is something this client does really well, but moving from a strict corporate atmosphere to having total autonomy was interesting to say the least. Especially because her health had been suffering in corporate, her body was really craving some downtime when she went full time in her business. We worked to find a way to balance her growing business and client load with a desire for downtime. This has also evolved over time. Initially it looked like way more flow and now it looks more like time blocks and scheduling while her kiddos are at school so she can have time with them in the afternoon / evening and still get done what needs to be done for her rapidly growing business.



The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. Being decided and in belief is EVERYTHING. This client TOTALLY believed in her ability to make money and make her business work. So much so that she took massive action, and created BIG results in such a short amount of time. What this should illustrate is that the more on point your mindset, the more meaningful action you’ll take, and the faster your results will show up. When you are FULLY decided and back that with action, the sky is literally the limit!
  2. Your strategy can evolve with your business and that’s OK. You all know I’m SUCH a big believer in picking one strategy and sticking to it, and while that’s still true there is room to evolve based on how your business is growing. With rapid growth comes more opportunities and more decisions and so giving yourself permission to pivot when needed is also sometimes just as valuable.
  3. Sometimes you need that downtime/total flow (especially after leaving a stressful job) and sometimes you need to be more precise with your time/scheduling. So often when clients first leave corporate or are coming out of a phase of burnout they give themselves SUCH a hard time for being really flexible with their schedule and taking more downtime than they typically would, but I can’t tell you how normal and necessary this is. I really believe in giving yourself that permission when it’s needed. However, as your business evolves and the pull on your time grows, you may eventually need to shift to scheduling more effectively and time-blocking, but even that can support your freedom (and not take it away). So give yourself permission to do what’s best for you based on where you are and know your needs related to this may evolve.


As always, the point isn’t for you to have to use all of these exact strategies, but it is to remind you that the big results are in mindset, strategy, and execution and finding what truly works for you and then implementing it to get the results you want most in your business!