$240k off of 4 emails

I’m really excited for you to read this Client File but ironically, it’s one I also put off writing for a while. If I’m being honest, that’s because there is so much to share I don’t know where to begin. It feels so important to me to give you the full picture in these series but I find it challenging to do this justice.

This is one that has LOTS of flashy metrics, stats, and marketing results.

It also has so much depth, heart, and substance.

And sometimes in favor of the flashy numbers, we lose the heart and I want to ensure we don’t do that here.

Because this is a Client File where I’m going to share how a client made $240k off of 4 emails, but it’s not REALLY about the emails (no matter how much we want it to be), ya know?

And at the same time it’s so hard to conceptualize what else it IS about without going into the specifics that would remove the anonymity. But more than anything, I hope you take away this:

Big, replicable results are always built on a foundation of caring DEEPLY about your audience, serving and selling to them REALLY well, and prioritizing delivery of that service so people want to buy from you again and again (with more and more ease).

With that being said, let’s dive in…



This client came to me with a full 1:1 practice but knowing she was ready to grow and scale. She was making around $10k months when we started.

We worked to create a scalable + high touch offer, to build out her funnels with lower touch/high value products, and to make sure that she was able to grow in a way that fit her and still allowed her to serve really deeply.

Just over a year later, she hit her first $100k cash month. So effectively, she 10x’d her results.

But that’s not all. She also:

  • Launched a podcast that debuted at #8 in marketing, #5 in new business, and #15 in all business
  • Had a $78,000 launch off of 1 email (I always say 1 email is not a launch but she went ahead and proved me wrong here 😂😜)
  • Then she turned around and had $162,000 launch from 3 emails off the back of that
  • In fact, they went so well we had to cancel the launch we had planned all together
  • This was the THIRD time she launched this particular program and every launch has been over $100k
  • She’s also had several other multi-five figure launches in between on other lower ticket programs

On top of that, she’s working less, delegating WAY more, and overall has the business of her dreams.

That’s not to say it’s perfect, we ALL have challenges (I promise). However, it is to say, you truly can grow and scale in a way that feels amazing to you.



This woman is a mindset rockstar, and has a daily practice to prove it. She truly prioritizes this above all things. What we’ve worked on is letting things be easy, letting her peace be the priority, and focusing 100% on that (even above growth- which ironically, creates more growth). She is ALWAYS willing to bring her mindset challenges to calls, is the first to call herself on them, always wants to dive in, and is just wildly committed to this being the most important part of scaling.



OK, so I know you probably want to know “but what did those emails SAYYYYY?”, and the real truth here is that it was NOT about one email or three emails (though that’s epic). It was that she had built such a solid relationship with her audience where they trusted her so deeply that they were ready and waiting to buy. She also had launched these programs before and served her people in them SO WELL that the magic in them was well-documented so they started selling themselves. Essentially, she really played the long-game, focused on a couple of signature offers, launched them multiple times, and it paid off in spades.



As this client has grown, she’s also grown her ability to delegate. When we started together she was struggling with support that wasn’t ACTUALLY supporting her. As a high-performer she was doing SO much herself because frankly, she was the best and fastest at it. I see SO many entrepreneurs get stuck here. She realized that even if someone couldn’t do it “better” they could still take it off her plate, and now she has an incredible team. And in many cases? They probably DO do it better now. She’s spent the time to build trust with them, put in the tough work of being a leader, and has fully delegated so many things she used to hold onto.



The things I hope you take away from this client are:

  1. Mindset, mindset, delegation. As one of my clients recently said to me, “Scaling to multiple six and seven figures really is just about mindset and delegation isn’t it?” Yes, yes it is. This Client File is totally evidence of that. This woman is an exceptional high-achiever but keeping her mindset in check daily and letting her team support her has been such a huge part of freeing her up to create magic in her marketing and programs that makes scaling inevitable.
  2. Macro > Micro. The best strategies focus on long-term results (macro) and not the specifics of how one email, post or even launch performs (micro). It can be so easy to focus on that first launch, that one email, etc. but it’s also a recipe for feeling really frustrated. I really encourage you to stop looking for the gimmicks where someone says, “grab the post that got me X clients and $X money” because I promise it wasn’t about that one post. It was about all the work they did leading up to that post, the relationship they formed with their audience before that post went live, etc. Y’all know I love a good relationship analogy so here it is… A great relationship isn’t built on that one fancy, incredible date night or trip. That’s good and fun and part of the whole experience, but you can’t build a happy, long-term successful relationship off just those. It’s about so much more than that, right? The same is true with your audience. It’s always the macro that matters most.
  3. Play the long game. It can be SOOOO tempting to want the quick secret. But here’s the truth- this all happened in about a year. To go from $10k months to $100k in a year is EPIC growth. However, most of us don’t want to play the “year” game. We want the strategy that’s going to work next MONTH. Yet, when we can lean back, trust, replicate the same process, and let it play out it’s AMAZING what can happen. When we’re trying to hack our way to a bigger result month after month we’re more likely to sacrifice the long term outcomes. Serve your people really well, and watch how that pays off every single time.


As always, the point isn’t for you to have to be on the same path as this client, but it is to remind you that the big results are in mindset, strategy, and execution and getting support that TRULY fits you and can help you create your goals long-term.





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