$20k months on 20 hour weeks

Sharing these client files is one of my FAVORITE things to do because spreading the idea that…

  • The results you want are possible for you
  • They will come the fastest if you do it your own way and get the right support

… is one of the things that light me up the MOST.

I’ve really been feeling pulled more and more to share even more deeply on this idea because it’s what I KNOW gets the results, and it came through BIG TIME in a livestream I did about the MillionHER® Mentality.

In the livestream, I share how this is THE THING that actually makes business sustainable, and quite frankly, is the only thing that makes it feel fucking fantastic too. #youcanquotemeonthat

So if you love the client files, I know you’ll love this! You can check it out here.

This client file is also a PERFECT example of that in so many ways! So let’s dive into the magic that is this case study…



This client came to me shortly after having her first baby and ready to get back into business. She knew she’d need to do things very differently, had limited time, but still wanted to make the money she was used to ($10k months) and way more.

Since working together, we were able to take her to the $15-$20k per month mark on less than 20 hours per week. In fact, there were many weeks where there was SIGNIFICANTLY less time than that.

She has a clear plan to scale way past that (that’s getting put into action NOW) and feels so solid and able to show up in those 15-20 hours and knows EXACTLY what she needs to be doing in them to get the best results.

Not only is the result so amazing and important (i.e. $20k on 20 hours) but the fact that she’s re-worked her life, her mindset, her priorities, and the way she shows up is SO VALUABLE.

And the added bonus of knowing it doesn’t stop there and that it’s only up from here? That’s freaking miraculous too!



When this client came to me she was DROWNING in expectations. Expectations of how she should be showing up, what she should be making, what she should be doing, etc. I’ve quoted this a million times but the quote “All unhappiness is the result of unmet expectations” was REALLY at play here. We got her to stop scrolling on social and comparing, start working on her enoughness, and create realistic expectations for herself, her life, and her business. Now, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t grow and expand. Quite the opposite. It means she does it with more ease than she knew was possible minus ALLLLL the pressure that was actually keeping her stuck and afraid of taking more action. We also focused on how she can use her time with her little one TO be doing the mindset work instead of it being an EXTRA thing she had to do each day, we focused on incorporating it into the thing she was ALREADY doing.



This has been an interesting journey and one that I’m sure many of you will resonate with. When we first started working together we designed a really specific affiliate strategy that was super smart in terms of her type of business, products, etc. However, what this client found out is that she ultimately DID NOT enjoy the affiliate approach and it didn’t fit her in the way she thought it would (EVEN THOUGH it was a smart strategy). So we re-worked the strategy, re-focused the offer, and got her right back on track with a strategy she now really enjoys (that ALSO gets her the results). This is such an important reminder that just because it’s a GOOD strategy, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you, and the sooner you can own and acknowledge that, the sooner you can make the switch to what works best for you!



Execution is limited for this client with a new baby at home. We focused on getting the right team members on board, and letting go of the ones that weren’t right. We focused on how her team can be doing INCOME GENERATING activities for her, and not just busy projects. We streamlined their contribution and made sure the ROI was there. She just invested in additional marketing support because it’s so important for her that her growth isn’t SOLELY based on her time. Don’t get me wrong… being consistent in your business is crucial, but sometimes that means your TEAM is being consistent for you even when you can’t be!



The things I hope you take away from this client are:

  1. Mindset work isn’t something you have to sit down and do 1x/day, but is something you can fit into the other things you’re doing ALL DAY. Mindset is something you can incorporate into everything ELSE you’re doing from feeding a baby, to walking your dogs, to taking a shower. Especially if you’re someone that avoids things that they feel like they “have” to do or just doesn’t want one more “thing” they have to do each day… this can be a total game changer in getting the mindset work IN without adding more to DO.
  2. Just because a strategy is good doesn’t mean it’s the BEST for you. This always reminds me A LOT of working out. Just because it’s the “best” workout it doesn’t mean it’s the best for me. The best workout is one I feel so good doing, that I do it consistently. Strategy is exactly the same. Picking the thing that fits you, your personality, and your business is SO crucial. It doesn’t mean you never need to stretch or do the uncomfortable thing (just like you’d do in a workout class even when you LOVE it), but it also doesn’t mean you have to do shit you hate all the time. I promise.
  3. Consistency matters, but your team can create that for you too. So many of us get so easily overwhelmed by the idea of having to be consistent in their businesses but ultimately, it doesn’t mean YOU are the only one who has to do that. Your team can also create consistent marketing, client touch points, etc for you each day too so if you’re strapped for time don’t think that means you still can’t get results. It’s a lot like having a dog. Yes, they need to be fed and walked daily, but it’s not always YOU that has to feed and walk them. And it’s not necessarily even BETTER when you do it vs. someone else. You get me?


As always, the point isn’t for you to have to use all of these exact strategies, but it is to remind you that the big results are in mindset, strategy, and execution and finding what truly works for you and then implementing it to get the results you want most in your business!