$15k months with a small list

While there are NOT actual secrets keeping you from hitting your goals in your biz, there ARE women we can learn from to help shorten the success curve.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created The Client Files! You get an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the specific results my clients have gotten and EXACTLY what got them there.

I want you to be inspired, and I want you to see that all of my clients have different WAYS (i.e. strategies) that they’re getting results with but they all have a couple of things in common:

  1. Their belief/strength of their mindset
  2. Their consistent execution

And even those? They look a little different for each of them. But I’ll let you see that for yourself. I’ll specifically break down the result, and the Mindset, Strategy, and Execution that got ‘em there. Cause if you know me… you know I believe that is the ENTIRE ticket to success.

So let’s dive in to the first case study in The Client Files Series.



This client filled her 1:1 coaching for the 2nd (maybe 3rd?) time in our work together and has a waiting list (with DOWN PAYMENTS, to be clear) months in advance. She’s creating $15k months (I’m talking CASH received, not sales). And her audience? At the time this was written it was sitting at about 350. Seriously, audience size is not always the thing ya’ll!



This client has done some SERIOUS work to have a rock solid mindset. She does daily mindset work, and has really dove in to knowing her own fears and triggers, as well as her needs and preferences. One thing that really takes her out of her mindset game is when she feels a lot of PRESSURE, so we really structure things so they feel in flow and not full of pressure and when that happens, she thrives in a big way.



This client is MAGIC at building relationships and keeping it real. She forms deep bonds with her people and community and those convert really consistently for her. Some of these people have been following her for awhile and all of them jump off the fence at different points, but she makes more of an effort to know her community than almost anyone I know!



This client shows up DAILY. In fact, not having to ALWAYS show up is something we’ve worked on together (and she’s delegating WAY more lately!). But she’s incredibly consistent, which fits her relationship building style. She goes deep and she shows up unfailingly and that’s why she gets big results even with a small audience.



The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. Know what you thrive at (you’ll hear this from me over and over again) but she THRIVES at relationships and depth and we’ve built her business model AROUND that so it works exceptionally well.
  2. Know your needs/preferences and find the line between getting out of your comfort zone and building a business that doesn’t put you in situations you don’t succeed in. So for this client, sure, she can work through mindset stuff around “pressure” and has, but the truth is… it’s just not a situation she excels in, so we ditch it!
  3. Show up. That’s it. Seriously- nothing replaces the results that come from really, consistently being there for your people.

I hope this helps and really illustrates that there’s not ONE magic secret to success, except for finding the secret that fits YOU.


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