$15k cash month as a HEALTH coach

I have recently become even MORE obsessed with showing exactly what it takes for each client, how each client has their own process, and that great coaching meets them IN THAT instead of expecting them to step out of it.

That’s why I initially created LITerally®, my podcast where you get to listen in weekly to me coach ONE client for 6 months so you can really see the entire behind the scenes and the entire journey. You can listen to ALL seasons of LITerally here.

For now, let’s dive in to this next edition of The Client Files Series.



This client had a $15,000 cash month AND booked over $28,000 in contracts in 33 days (3 weeks of which she was away on holidays//vacation). What I LOVE about this client in particular is that she’s a health and fitness coach. So often we hear that it’s so much EASIER to make money as a business coach, and I love seeing this client prove that’s not the case AT ALL.

**Full details: We’d been working together for a year so it took TIME to build up to that and be able to take that much time off but to think about creating those results (with that much downtime) in less than a year is pretty magical in my book (especially when you consider she made in a month what she paid for a YEAR of high-level coaching)**



I mean, where do I begin? During our work together, this client has really fully taken to heart the value of mindset work and works her mindset more than ANYTHING else in her business. She is SO committed to BEING the person that makes this much money and having the ENERGY of the person making this much money that she couldn’t HELP but step into it and create it. But let me be clear… she has done the freaking WORK on her mindset.



This client has really found her zone of genius on Instagram and creating amazing challenges for her community on FB. People LOVE the value she gives and how she always keeps it real and shares real client results. She’s the queen of helping people break through plateaus, eat more, and move less. In fact, she is a big reason behind my OWN 20 lb weight loss- because she knows her stuff and she shares it openly!



This client shows up really consistently. However, that wasn’t always the case. This has been an edge she’s worked over time and now she’s SO dang consistent. She dropped the story that it’s hard for her to be consistent, and really stepped into showing up for her audience on the regular (and even hiring help to do that). And because of that? Her numbers and results ONLY continue to grow month after month. In fact, the last 4 months have ALL been her “biggest” months in her business because she just. keeps. growing. How cool is that?!



The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. Success doesn’t always come overnight but it ALWAYS comes if you stay the course. And while a year can SEEM like a long journey, it’s the blink of an eye to step into having the business, income, impact, and life you always dreamed of.
  2. Stay the dang course. This client could have easily stopped showing up at different points in time when life got in the way or things didn’t go how she wanted them to but she didn’t. And now she can take 3 weeks off and reap some SERIOUS financial rewards. Why? Because she stayed IN IT and now the momentum carries HER instead of her always having to carry IT.
  3. Do the damn mindset work. BE the person who has what you want before you even have it. ACT as the person who KNOWS it’s yours before it even shows up. This client did that and is now seeing her biggest goals become her reality, and the only obvious response is “of course, I always knew it was mine.”


I hope this helps and really illustrates that there’s not ONE magic secret to success, except for finding the secret that fits YOU.

AND finally, this amazing client gave me permission to share her name/website with you so you can check her out (and hire her like I did!) if it’s the right fit for YOU: Jaime Morocco at JaimeMorocco.com




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