$120k in sales in 2 months with entirely organic strategy

You all know there’s almost nothing I love more than sharing the behind the scenes view in business.

From starting the LITerally podcast where I coach one person live for six months, to writing these client case studies- I believe the transparency, permission and RESULTS that come from getting that real perspective is pretty miraculous.

So let’s dive in…



This client came to me feeling super frustrated with her business. She’d been in the game for a few years. She’d had some success before, a good launch here, some intensives and 1:1 there but never anything that felt steady and certain. She was REAL over all of the “do it this way” models and had already invested in a lot of high-end support. She knew she needed support to do it her own way (and not keep suggesting she do it THEIR way) if she was ever going to finally crack this code. She knew it was her time but she was at a place of tiredness, overwhelm and frustration… maybe you relate?

The results that came though? They were worth all that frustration and MORE. This client absolutely KILLED it. Though she spent about 6 months working through some serious stuff and refocusing and shifting SO many things about her business (more on both below!!)… when it blew up, it REALLY blew up and all of that work has paid off in such a big way.

With entirely organic strategy she was able to:

  • Sell out her private coaching 6 months in advance
  • Do $120k in sales in 2 months all while working 2-3 hours a day on average
  • Have a $64k launch that we literally had to STOP mid-launch because the program filled so fast (not to mention took a full week COMPLETELY off in the middle of this launch because that’s what her life called for her to go)
  • Have a $20k day with EASE
  • Create a MASSIVELY engaged FB group with 88% active members (and numbers in the thousands)
  • Live life EXACTLY on her terms (in a totally unconventional way!)
  • Literally accomplish every goal she’s had over the last 4 years (I know because she’s said this to me multiple times and in multiple coaching session questionnaires!)

And we’re not even done yet. We are still working together and she’s going to change the game in her industry. How can I say that so confidently? Because I SEE how she’s showing up and I know the sky is the limit for her based on that. Here’s what that “showing up” looks like…



When this client came to me she was on the struggle bus (and she will own that 100%). She was feeling that frustration I mentioned above and was struggling with some serious stories around people pleasing, imposter syndrome, and money. We dug in and did some REAL. DEEP. WORK. I asked her to do really challenging things. I asked her to dive into some really difficult stuff. I asked her to go almost entirely against her own programming. And guess what? She did every.single. bit. of. it. Let me stress- this was not easy stuff. So many of us tend to think the strategy or execution is the difficult piece. But overcoming yourself and your own programming? That’s the tough shit. But it’s also the thing that made the biggest difference for this client. When everything took off? We both attributed MOST of that to this work.



I mean, $100k in sales followed by another $64k launch on TOTALLY organic (read: FREE) strategy isn’t too shabby right?! This client MASTERED organic marketing and connection. How? She completely mastered, owned, and found that uniqueness in her OWN message. She stopped trying to fit into the status quo and got real comfortable living outside of it. That helped her to attract people like CRAZY, made them feel even more connected to her, and made buying from her a total no brainer because no one else was talking about it quite like she was. It was SO magical to see all of this unfold. But remember, this strategy was POSSIBLE because she did the mindset work to actually show up for being different and letting her own unique (and controversial, BTW!) message shine through.



Execution was something this client really struggled with when we first started working together. But the more she fell back in love with doing it her own way, started preaching her unique message, and began seeing just how awesome she was… the easier and easier execution got. And let me tell you something- I asked her to do some CHALLENGING things (mostly to shift that mindset). So challenging that I can’t even tell you here because I can’t share more context or you would LITERALLY think we were both Grade A Crazy. But she showed up for every effing one of those things- including and ESPECIALLY- the really tough ones. And as she learned that she could trust herself, handle hard things, and that it wasn’t only SAFE to shine but it was a fucking non-negotiable… the execution piece? It got pretty damn easy and kind of took care of itself. Now she’s MASSIVELY consistent and it’s not even something we have to talk about.



The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. Energy > Strategy. Obviously we executed on some amazing strategy here but the biggest difference maker (and the thing that got missed in the past) was truly doing that deep mindset work, answering the really hard questions, and her willingness to believe in new stories and a new reality. I remember a particularly difficult challenge I gave her related to money (and of course mindset) and once she did it, it felt like a faucet got turned on and the money started rolling in. Why? Because it shifted her ENERGY. It had nothing to do with strategy and everything to do with detachment and joy.
  2. Finding the way to run your business that fits you isn’t a nice to have- it’s fucking non-negotiable. Having had support in the past that told her WHAT to do created inconsistent results because it made it so that she was always going to have to be dependent on someone else telling her what to do (I see this in the coaching industry ALL the time y’all!). Finding the TRUE path to doing it her way and coming back to that over and over again made her trust herself more and more deeply and has shown her that she can deal with anything that comes her way. Not only that, but she can LITERALLY create anything she wants… and it’s helped her not only do that in business but to do that in life. She has a life she’s been waiting to create for YEARS and the joy from that radiates because she’s found HER way.
  3. The right support is everything, and showing up for it matters deeply. As I said before, I gave this client some BIG challenges. I asked her to really step outside of her comfort zone in SO many ways. And SHE asked that of herself in a million other ways too. But the thing is this… not only do you need the support pushing you to step outside of your comfort zone but you need someone to support you THROUGH that. Someone that can really see, understand, and hold you through the difficult transformation process that truly is allowing yourself to shine, make more money than ever before, and own your shit in an epic way. Finding the right people to do that with you will make a huge difference in your ability to walk that path vs. retreat in fear.


I hope this helps and really illustrates that there’s not ONE magic secret to success, except for finding the secret that fits YOU. And then when you do? The results you’ve been searching for start showing up faster than you can say “mindset, strategy, and execution”.




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