Sell Well: Day 5

Selling with your own style


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Welcome to Day 5 of The Sell Well Challenge! I want to give you a big congratulations for making it to Day 5 and showing up in a big way! You are well on your way to using this Value-Centered Sales® foundation to bring in the clients and cash, and most importantly to do it in a way that feels good to you and to your potential clients!

Day 5 is all about selling with your own style!

Selling well means figuring out your own personal selling style, and how to use it to show up uniquely as YOU. Following someone else’s script isn’t going to get you a YES unless it’s aligned with you because ultimately YOU are who your people are buying from and want to work with.

That means, asking yourself the questions around how you like to interact with people, what makes you unique, etc. And then being able to show up congruently with your style as both a service provider and sales person.

For example, I know my sales style is based on providing value, empowerment, connecting, and really getting to know people personally. I want to know what makes THEM tick and not if they fit into a certain formula.

It’s as simple as that—nothing fancy or perfectly written but it does guide me in everything I do.

For example, doing this challenge allows me to provide value, empower you to make sales less scary, connect with you and get to know you without having you fit into one formulaic process, but rather by making this challenge work for you and your business.

So when I sell something after it (because ya know… I happily sell after giving value) its congruent with who I am and how I show up, and will continue to be congruent with my unique selling style!

That’s ultimately why a unique selling style matters, because people want you to be congruent across the board. They want the person who they’re consuming content from to be the same as the person they’re getting on a sales call with to be the same as the service-provider they’re working with. That’s what helps you not only start, but get and keep the sale.

And it also becomes the foundation and guiding light for everything you do!

So again, I cannot stress enough that there is no one right way to write this, look at this, etc. There’s no quiz to take (although I would love for you to go to my website and take my sales quiz if you want to understand where you need to focus in your sales process!) but the point is this is simply a way for you to notice how to sell in a way that feels good.

If you’re a born care-taker you may sell differently than someone that’s a born ass-kicker, and that’s the entire point. You two using the same sales scripts will wreak havoc on your sales process and your conversion and retention rates if you’re not selling in a way that’s congruent and true for you!

The worksheet will walk you through identifying more of this, so work through that then jump on over to the group and tell us what you’ve identified as YOUR unique selling style. We’d LOVE to cheer you on!

Remember, there is no WRONG way to do or say this and there is CERTAINLY no wrong answer. This is simply to get your brain turning and to get you outside of your sales comfort zone! Let’s give each other support and feedback and really step into our magic and uniqueness!

I’m so excited to learn about your unique styles! See you in the community!


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