Sell Well: Day 4

Booking discovery calls like a boss


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Welcome to Day 4 of The Sell Well Challenge! You are one step closer to ensuring that you have a seriously amazing Value-Centered Sales® foundation that will support you in creating more sales with more ease in your business!

Day 4 is all about booking discovery calls like a boss!

So I want to start by sharing with you the #1 mistake I see entrepreneurs make when they’re worried about not booking discovery calls or getting bites on their offers, and that is almost ALWAYS that they’re not offering or selling them regularly.

They put it out a couple of times and feel defeated so they stop.

Or they think that somehow they don’t look like their business is doing well if they’re selling regularly.

Or they think that just giving value and NOT selling should be enough.

I’d say that it’s a no on all accounts. The biggest names in this business sell more than almost anyone. Not because their businesses aren’t successful, but because they know that sometimes they’ll get a LOT of bites and sometimes they’ll get a little but collectively, selling consistently is what creates the biggest results for them… and that’s why they have those results. Because they’re willing to show up and keep selling without making it mean anything.

The same is true for you.

When you make offers consistently you’ll see more consistent results with your sales.

Now, this might look different depending on what you’re trying to accomplish in your business. For example, if you’re newer and still trying to build up your social proof then offering free calls regularly may be the answer. Honestly, even if you’re not new this is STILL a good strategy and one that I recommend often.

But if you have luck with free calls and are trying to book straight sales/discovery calls more regularly then I want to encourage you to make offers for them regularly or specific offers for your programs that share the benefits and results you offer. Your free value, content, and relationship building is valuable WHEN you offer your audience an opportunity to take it to the next step.

Just like dating leads to being exclusive, to maybe living together, and getting married.

You can think of dating like your content + relationship building and your offers as the opportunity to take it to the next level and make it exclusive.

And in order to do that in a relationship, one person has to invite the other to take a next step.

In this case, you’re the leader and it’s up to you to consistently invite your audience to take the next step with you.

So today, I want you to create a piece of content (whether that’s a post, video, or email) sharing your offer and linking to a discovery call that details the benefits/results you offer. But more importantly I want you to use what you create as a template to KEEP selling/offering/etc. in your business CONSISTENTLY.

I’d love to invite you to share this in our Facebook group and ask for the sale OR share and ask for feedback on the post and really use the community support to your benefit. I look forward to seeing you in the group!


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