Sell Well: Day 3

Building and nurturing relationships


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Welcome to Day 3 of The Sell Well Challenge! I’m so excited you’re still going strong, committed to consistency and focusing on setting up a sales foundation that will bring in the cash and client, but that will also FEEL GOOD to you too!

Day 3 is all about building and nurturing relationships. Yes, this means even with your small audience!

Relationships are where it’s at in building a service based business. You can’t “skip” the relationship piece and it’s what everything comes down to in business. EVEN if you’re trying to build out passive income and funnels. Think about it, your FB ads, funnels, and emails are all going to be aimed at doing exactly one thing—- building relationships.

But all too often I see entrepreneurs ignore their small audience while they’re trying to grow, and miss out on HUGE opportunities to connect with the people in front of them and nurture those relationships, which makes sales possible NOW and not just in the future when you’ve gotten to an elusive number or ad target.

That’s why today, we’re taking relationships back to the basics. We’re focusing on building relationships and nurturing connections organically to set you up for success in sales.

That means not only creating and building relationships but making regular time to do this.

For example, in my business I used to offer free calls often as I was building and growing and still do now whenever there’s time in my schedule or to say thank you for things like leaving a podcast review! It wasn’t just for the purpose of making the sale but it did SO many things that set up a strong sales foundation in my business like:

-created warm leads
-got me recommendations and testimonials
-created opportunities for collaboration
-upped engagement in my group because people actually KNEW me
-brought in paying clients either right then or later on… and so much more!

I can think of so many cases where the person didn’t buy immediately after their free call but weeks or months later because we established then built a strong relationship.

I can think of others that have become biz besties and supported me throughout this journey.

And still I can think of more that turned into recommendations or referral sources.

That right there… is a STRONG sales foundation.

And it’s one that you can do right now, even with a small audience. I love this community so much but sometimes miss the days where I knew and could connect with every single person in it! So don’t think of a small community as a weakness but as a secret weapon.

I broke 5 figure months and a six figure year with a super small list and community (I mean we’re talking under 200) so don’t underestimate what’s in front of you!

That’s why today your challenge is to reach out to one new person for a connection call.

I want to encourage you to do this WITHOUT the sole purpose of getting a sale but simply for the means of connection and relationship building.

I’d love for you to make a post in the group offering a connection call, take someone else up on their offer if you see it, or reach out to someone personally. I know this can be uncomfortable but I promise this is a skill you want to grow if you’re going to create those big results and a super strong sales foundation!

I can’t wait to celebrate your progress! See you in the group!


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