Sell Well: Day 2

Creating amazing content + leading with value


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Welcome to Day 2 of The Sell Well Challenge! I’m so happy that you’re showing up for day 2 and that you’re here, and committed to create a Value-Centered Sales® foundation that sets you up for major success!

Day 2 is all about creating amazing content!

I know I talk about content a LOT but there’s a reason. Because there is nothing that makes paying you and BUYING from you more of a no brainer than giving your potential clients a result before they ever pay you a dime

Content does that for you. And not only does it do that but it allows you to build a relationship with your audience on a big scale and build relationships with lots of people and grow your community, which massively increases your chances of making more sales.

We’re going to talk about relationship building more later in the week but today we’re going to talk about giving your clients a result through your content!

So here’s where I see a lot of people go wrong with this in their content. They feel like people will want to buy from them if they tell them “ALL THE THINGS” to show their knowledge or expertise OR they feel like they need to hide all of that knowledge and expertise so people will buy from them.

But here’s the magic secret… no one cares what you know (or what knowledge you’re hiding), they care how you can help THEM.

People will buy from you with MORE ease if you consolidate all of the information into really simple, understandable steps that give them a result before they’ve ever paid you a dime!

So let’s take an example here…

I know A LOT about sales. I have an M.S. in psychology and counseling and understand how we can influence people, the psychology behind it, and how sales plays into it. I also have my MBA so I know a lot about sales tactics, strategies, etc. I’ve also built two successful online businesses and have over a 95% conversion rate and have learned a LOT throughout all of that education and experience.

But what you all DO NOT want in this challenge is for me to dump all of that information on you. You don’t want me to vomit years of information on you so you feel overwhelmed and still not sure what to do. You want me to consolidate all of that into REALLY simple steps that allow you to see results without HAVING to know ALL THE THINGS and dig through years of information.

Am I right?

You also don’t want me to give you very little (if any) value and tell you those special secrets are only in my higher cost programs.

Your audience feels exactly the same!

That’s why your sales foundation starts with content & value… because they can see your ability to consolidate information, bring it to them in a digestible, easy to implement way, and they know they’re more likely to get results PAYING you if they’re already getting them through your free content!

That’s why your challenge today is to create a piece of content (whatever works for you- written, video, anything!) that shows your value and gives your audience the opportunity to create a simple result through your FREE content. I want you to share this in our FB group to get support, get in front of some of your ideal clients, and then be able to use this in other places to serve your audience!

I hope you have a beautiful day and have fun with this exercise! See you in the group!


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