Sell Well: Day 1

Getting sold on yourself first


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Welcome to Day 1 of The Sell Well Challenge! I’m so excited you’ve decided to join me to get a strong sales foundation in place because … the selling well starts way before the discovery call and when you create a foundation for sales that starts early, you get BIG RESULTS and easier sales!

Day 1 is all about getting sold on yourself first!

Now, I know that seems simple but I PROMISE you it is sometimes the hardest and definitely the most important part of creating an effective sales process.

If you aren’t sold on you, then it’s going to be SUPER complicated to sell OTHER people on you.

Here’s the thing… a lot of new entrepreneurs think things like, “I’ll feel confident ONCE someone pays me or hires me” or “Once I have XX number of clients I’ll be confident”.

But the trick is actually that you’ll have paying clients ONCE you’re sold on you, your services, and your unique qualifications that make you the BEST person to help your ideal client with what they need.

Now, it doesn’t mean you have to have huge results, big numbers, etc. but that you are confident that you can CONVEY the value you bring to the table and offer your clients.

For example, now my value might focus on the results I’ve achieved for myself by creating a seven figure business, or helping my clients create amazing results like $300k months and launches or helping them create business that fit them and their unique needs by using my mindset, strategy, execution framework.

However, that wasn’t ALWAYS the case. Prior to creating those results my value focused more on my own personal story of leaving my 9-5 and creating two businesses, my experience running a non-profit, and my M.S. in mental health counseling and my MBA that provided a unique combination to support my clients.

The point is, your value doesn’t have to be like mine or like the person in your industry who has created more results than you at this point in time, but it DOES have to focus on your unique skills, experiences, trainings, education, stories, etc. that meets you where you’re at. AND you have to be willing to convey it, own it and share it because YOU are sold on it!

Today’s worksheet will walk you through identifying your value and getting sold on yourself and what you offer your clients so you can start selling well NOW ( not ONCE you get more clients or your clients get more results).

Once you complete the worksheet, post in the Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur Facebook group and OWN why you’re sold on yourself.

Tell us what value you bring to the table, and if you’re feeling saucy include a testimonial that makes your heart sing and gets you sold on the work you do! I want us to use this opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and remind each other of all we have to offer and how much each of us (and our services) are needed!

I look forward to seeing these and getting sold on all of you!


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