Innovation Incubator: Day 5

Day 5 is all about pitching your innovation to your potential clients!

You know I wasn’t going to walk you through all this innovation and leave you hanging on how to leverage it to make bank in your business! As our innovative inspiration says… we need to be able to innovate AND market! If Apple or Cirque Du Soleil hadn’t marketed and communicated their innovative idea they would have been sitting there waiting for people to show up that never came. You can’t have a blue ocean without customers for it, so today we’re focusing on sharing and marketing the blue ocean you’ve created!

“Business has only two functions- marketing and innovation”

Milan Kundera

STEP ONE: Watch today’s video

STEP TWO: Fill out the worksheet

STEP THREE: Complete today’s Innovative Action

Start diving into your new offer/innovation and how that can serve and help your potential clients in a whole new way (helloooooo blue ocean!).  Then write your pitch/sales post and share it with us in the Facebook group for support, feedback, and fresh perspective!


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