Innovation Incubator: Day 4

Day 4 is all about creating your innovative plan!

Innovation without a plan to bring it to life isn’t helpful, so today we’re looking at how these innovative ideas can become part of your business. For me, that happened when I incorporated A Lit Up Partnership into my business. It was an innovative idea I had where I gave 3 women the opportunity to work with me for 6 months… not for an upfront coaching payment… but for 15% of the revenue they generated during our time working together. It didn’t change my entire business, but was an idea I implemented, tested, and created my own blue ocean with. It came to life because I knew how it would impact my business, how it fit with my current offers, and how it supported and added to my overall message. Today, you’re going to be looking at that within your business!

“Creativity is thinking up new things, Innovation is doing new things”

Theodore Levitt

STEP ONE: Watch today’s video

STEP TWO: Fill out the worksheet

STEP THREE: Complete today’s Innovative Action

Identify the gaps in your industry and how you can begin to solve them. You don’t have to solve ALL the things at once, but you can start to let your imagination and innovative spirit run wild. Start brainstorming and planning for how these ideas fit in with your current business and offers. Then share with us in the Facebook group… What came up for you today? What ideas/concepts/programs do you most desire to incorporate into your business right now? What might that look like? What would you love feedback on?


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