Content Planning Party: Day 4

Getting clear on the frequency, level of interaction, and type of content


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Welcome to Day 4 of The Content Planning Party! I am so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished so far, and am celebrating that you’re seeing your content plans coming together!

Day 4 is all about getting clear on the frequency, level of interaction, and type of content you’re going to create.

Now, frequency can be a tough one for some people. We all hear that you should post 5 times per day on social, do a livestream every single day, etc. and it can feel completely overwhelming. I tell my clients to pick a frequency that allows them to be visible and consistent without being so much that they routinely fall off track. For one person that might be twice a week and for another that might be twice a day. The point is to get super clear on what you can reasonably do and make that part of your content plan. Because consistency trumps frequency every single time and finding something you can sustain is what will keep you consistent and what ultimately gets you results.

Thinking about the type or level of interaction you want is also important. Remember, this goes back to your goal. Decide if you want to focus more on really personal 1:1 contact, spreading your message far and wide, creating a community etc. What type is most supportive of your goal, and more importantly what FEELS best to you? The more we enjoy what we’re doing with our content the more likely we are to stick to it and get seriously consistent and visible, and that is of course, the ultimate goal like I mentioned before.

I know if can feel like… but I want to pick the RIGHT thing or the most STRATEGIC thing, but what I’ll tell you is that the right and most strategic thing is hands down, 100% is the thing that you enjoy, can sustain long-term and find it easy to be consistent with. So please know that’s exactly what you’re doing here.

Next, I want you to decide on the main social media platforms you want to focus on. I recommend only focusing on 2-3 unless the other ones are fully automated. Focusing on more than 3 can get overwhelming and typically means you’re not doing a GREAT job on any of them. The point here is to really focus in, and drive business + clients through just focused platforms so you can do a killer job with those and convert much more effectively (with much more ease).

Lastly, I want you to figure out what TYPE of content you most desire to create. What most suits your personality, is easiest for you and feels good? I love to post on Facebook in my group, share client lessons on Instagram, and jump on video. Twitter is not my jam and I’m not at all focused on LinkedIN… You truly want to pick the ones that come easiest to you and feel best so that you’ll stick with them and put your best foot forward with what you ALREADY know you’ll enjoy and can commit to showing up for (without having to battle those gremlins all day if you hate it)

You’ll answer all of these questions in the PDF, and then tomorrow we’ll use your outline, and these answers to put together a solid schedule that you can use to up that consistency and visibility and make your content work for you!!

Now, head on over to the Facebook group and share with us how one piece of content you LOVE creating. Start getting yourself out there and trusting that it’s the best and most strategic BECAUSE you enjoy it.


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