Content Planning Party: Day 3

Creating themes under each of your categories


Download Day 3 Worksheet



Welcome to Day 3 of The Content Planning Party! I LOVE that you dove into your 5 categories yesterday, and am SO excited to dive in even further to conquer that content plan!

Day 3 is all about creating 3 themes under each of your categories.

Themes are topics that you could talk about for a week at a time that fall under the broad categories of your business. The reason I LOVE picking a theme for each week is because I truly believe that is how you show up as an expert. Too many entrepreneurs bounce from topic to topic each day and their audience never has the opportunity to see them go in-depth on one particular topic and really demonstrate their expertise.

Picking a theme to focus on each week will help you do exactly that!

Now, let me give you an example. One of the categories in my business was ‘mindset’. So three themes under mindset that I have are…having a daily mindset practice, the MillionHER® mentality, and launch mindset.

Now let’s take that even further, and look at the theme creating a daily practice. How could I talk about this for a week? Well, one day I could explain the importance of a daily mindset practice, the next day I could talk about my favorite tips for making it a daily occurrence. Then I could go into my favorite tools of journaling, affirmations, and meditation.. That’s already 3 days. Then I could share a story about how having a daily practice has changed my life and next talk about how a client has seen big transformation through that. Five days right there!

I often look at things through the lens of my story, my clients’ story, a tip, a tool, and a challenge (i.e. challenge them to do something). These don’t have to be what you use but are just examples to show how simple it can be.

The point is I’m giving my audience small, digestible pieces of valuable information each day, I’m showing that I can go deep on a topic, I’m positioning myself as an expert, and I’m not stressing myself out trying to put it all out in one day in one post.

Do you see how cool that is and how easy that makes content creation? It totally takes the pressure off of coming up with new, creative ideas every day and still ensures I’m being consistent, getting visible, and giving massive value as well as creating personal connection and speaking to client results!

So today you’re going to use the PDF to create 3 themes under each of your categories.

As a bonus exercise, I’d recommend even turning your themes into marketing phrases. Meaning, you can name them what you’d name a blog post or email subject line so you know what you’re focusing on. For example, with the example I gave above I might say, “How to nail your daily mindset practice for way bigger results” or “3 hacks for a daily mindset practice that get you big results”. That just helps direct me that week EVEN more effectively.

After you work through the worksheet and do the bonus exercise, hop on over to the Facebook group and share three themes under at least ONE of those categories and ask for feedback and support from the other amazing women in the group!

Again, I so appreciate you being here and can’t wait to see what you come up with! Talk to you soon!