Content Planning Party: Day 2

Creating the top five categories in your business


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Welcome to Day 2 of The Content Planning Party! I’m so full of gratitude that you’re here with me, and are ready to focus on creating that content plan! Remember, this is BIG stuff you’re up to and should feel like cause for a party and celebration!

We’re working toward that in Day 2 by creating the top five categories in your business! Creating categories is the first step to getting crystal clear on your content plan because it gives you a broad overview of all the areas in your business, and ensures you touch on all of them throughout your content!

Categories should be the broadest topics in your business that you could talk about for hours on end. The top five categories in my business, for example, are mindset, strategy, sales, marketing, and execution.

What you’ll notice is that not only are those the broad topics that comprise the whole of my business, BUT they’re also in a pretty clear order of the process I walk my clients through… mindset is the foundation, then strategy- which also includes marketing and sales, and finally executing that strategy.

This basically gives me a framework for all of the content I’m going to put out moving forward, and makes it really easy to see every area of my business.

The other reason this is important is because this is how you keep your content well-rounded and show up as an expert. For example, if I make sure I’m talking about a different category every week then not only am I positioning myself as an expert but I’m making sure that I am always rotating my topics and not just getting stuck on one.

We’ll use this as the basis for completing your content plan for the rest of this week and we’ll build everything else off of this, so make sure you feel really good about the 5 categories you’ve selected and head on over to our Facebook group and share them with us. Again, remember that you can feel free to ask for feedback + support in the group and starting to show up, take up space, and ask for support is a HUGE growth opportunity in business!

Again, I’m so excited you’ve joined me for The Content Planning Party, and I really look forward to reading your categories!