Content Planning Party: Day 1

Getting clear on your message + setting your goals


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Welcome to Day 1 of The Content Planning Party. I called it a party because I want you to remember this should be FUN. Getting to share content that conveys the message you feel so passionate about, gets people engaging with you, buying from you, and working with you IS cause for a party! So please keep that in mind throughout this process- make it a party, celebrate yourself, and enjoy the journey because this is all a BIG deal in your business!

Now, if you know me, you know that I strongly believe that having a clear message that conveys to your ideal client exactly what you do, exactly how you do it, and the exact results they can expect is crucial! It is the foundation for creating all of your content and is the north star of clarity for the content plan we’re going to create later this week. I give you a basic format in the PDF to do this, so make sure you have your messaging nailed as you dive into this process or it might feel unnecessarily hard or confusing!

The other thing that is going to be crucial to this challenge is having a GOAL for your content and not just creating at random. That means figuring out if you want your content to help you book 1:1 clients, sell out your next group program, fill your Facebook group, grow your Instagram, or convert your list! I know it’s super easy to respond with, “all of the above” but getting really narrowed in on your top 1-2 goals is crucial. Remember, we’re planning out 15 weeks of content, so think about what is MOST important to you over the next 15 weeks.

For example, if you’re just starting your business then growing your Facebook group or Instagram, or building your list may be most important. If you’ve already built a following then converting people into your 1:1 program may be ideal. If you know you’re launching a group program during this time period or shortly after then you know you want to focus on that.

The reason this is crucial is because you want to ensure that your content plan is most supportive of that goal. It doesn’t mean that your content won’t net you all of the above- that’s totally possible because content is a powerful thing, but I really believe that success starts with focused intention, which is why this goal is so important.

You’ll also use it to cater the content plan to exactly what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to sell out a group program you’d want to focus on the specific topics that the program addresses, creating community, and expanding your reach. If you want to book 1:1 clients you’d want your content to be more personal, show the value of 1:1 support, and focus on the long-term results.

I also want you to be specific with this goal. In other words, “grow my list” isn’t specific enough. I want to know how many people you want to grow your list by and by what date. If your goal is to book 1:1 clients how many do you want to book each month or how many do you want to book by a specific date? Get crystal clear on the end goal and the specifics so you can create a content plan for the EXACT end result you desire!

This doesn’t mean you now have to have all this pressure to hit that goal or to let that timeline become intense. It just means you know exactly what you’re shooting for and have a north start to keep focusing on (and anything that move you toward that is huge!)

Lastly, in the PDF I want you to explore WHY hitting this goal is important to you. Having a goal is important, but having a strong WHY behind it makes it super powerful! So get clear on that WHY and FEEL into what it would feel like to hit that goal.

I know this can be the eye-roll stuff where it feels like obviously you have a goal and a why, but truly nothing is more powerful than getting crystal clear on them and writing them down and then building your strategy around that!

Then hop on over to my Facebook group and share what your message is and what your number one goal is over the next 15 weeks! I know not everyone will be going through this at the same time, but owning it, asking for support, and being in community is HUGELY valuable so I really encourage you to do it!

I’m so excited you’ve joined me for The Content Planning Party, and I can’t wait to read your messages + goals! See you in the group!


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