A Challenge on Challenges: Day 4

Offering value throughout your challenge + keeping up engagement


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Welcome to Day Four of A Challenge on Challenges. You are all doing amazing and you’re one step closer to completing this challenge and sharing your own challenge with your community and growing your business. Day Four is all about offering value throughout your challenge and keeping up engagement.

Your challenge is only going to be vastly more impactful with participation and engagement. We want our goal to be to get people to actually finish the challenge, showing your value and making taking that next step with you (and buying from you) a total no brainer. That is why today is all about getting amazing engagement and participation throughout your challenge. There are a ton of ways to increase participation and engagement so we’ll just touch on a few, then you can use the PDF to make your own plan.

One of the best ways to encourage participation is to offer a giveaway. I’ve offered everything from a full intensive to a couple of sessions, to free DIY products depending on what I was able to accommodate in my business at that time. I’ve also seen other people offer physical prizes like books, journals, and gift cards. I personally recommend that at least one of your giveaways is the thing you’re going to be selling after the challenge or similar to it.

For example, can you give away a spot in the program you’ll be selling, a free session if you’re selling long-term coaching, or even a free intensive if that will be what your pitch is to. This furthers the impact you create with this challenge and with your audience. It also gets them really excited about the offer and working with you which is huge. I personally give points based on participation. That means each time someone participates, they post their daily challenge or give helpful feedback to someone else they’re increasing their odds of winning.

What I’ve found is that this really helps to foster engagement and creates excitement around the possibility of winning an opportunity to work with you. That means your participants are spending all week excited about the thought of working with you. So even if they don’t end up winning the challenge, they may want to take you up on the irresistible offer that we’re going to create for them tomorrow.

The one downside to running a challenge this way is that it is a challenge to keep track of the participation. In the past when running a challenge, my team and I added names to a list every time someone participated. So if you participated once your name is on there once. If you participated 10 times, your name is on there 10 times. I then throw my list into a random name selector, which I gave you the link for in the email, and it picks the winner for me. However, you do have to keep adding names to the list. Now, it’s more than OK if this feels like too much (and remember I had team support too!). Other options are to randomly select a winner yourself, or you can create a specific thread for them to comment on if they want to win. They could comment on what they learned most from the challenge or what they’re struggling with most which not only allows you to select a winner, but also gives you great feedback and market research.

Another way to foster engagement and participation is to make sure you set aside enough time to engage and participate yourself. I used to make it a rule that I comment on every single post related to the challenge during the challenge week and then as that was not possible, I’d set aside at least an hour per day and do as much as I possibly could in that time, because I want people to feel supported and get the most out of what they’re creating. If you’re running the challenge, but nowhere to be seen or only engaging on a few posts, then you’re setting the standard for others and they will likely follow suit.

Though it may not always be realistic to engage on every single post, please make sure during a challenge week that you’re setting aside time each day to be present and available for your people. If you’re moving through the challenge and you see that people are still not engaging, a great way to encourage them to do this is a daily check-in post, this means that you show up and ask how you can support them, what they’re struggling with, et cetera. You can even tag people that you saw participating that fell off. This just really shows them that you’re there to help them achieve the results they said they wanted when they signed up.

Lastly, you can offer to feature someone that got the most results from your challenge. For example, when running this challenge live, if someone created their entire challenge, their lead page, their marketing plan, all of it, I may want to feature them at the end of the week in my group, or even to my email list and share when their challenge is starting to encourage others, to participate and help them build their audience and get more traction. Yet, I would only feature someone that completes the entire challenge, which encourages people to finish. What you could do is offer to do a feature or a couple of features on people who successfully complete your own challenge as a big incentive. This is a total win-win because it shows you get your people results and also it provides the people in your community with a great opportunity to get even more visibility and more reason to complete the challenge.

So again, there are tons of ways to increase engagement and participation. So brainstorm what will work best for you and your specific challenge.

Today your challenge is to complete the day 4 PDF, create your engagement plan and get super excited about creating that participation and engagement in your challenge! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know in the Facebook group. The community is always there to answer questions and support you so don’t hesitate to ask!


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