A Challenge on Challenges: Day 3

Marketing your challenge


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Welcome to Day Three of A Challenge on Challenges. I am so excited that you’ve created your daily challenge plan yesterday, and that you’re still going strong and ready to make this challenge a massive success. Day three is all about marketing your challenge. The first thing I want to say is there are a ton of different ways to market your challenge. So always, always, always do what feels good to you and your business. There’s no one right way to market a challenge, so take into consideration what most serves your business.

What I do recommend across the board is having a landing page for people to learn about the challenge and opt in with their email. If you’re just getting them into your Facebook group, I would still recommend having a landing page that links to your Facebook group. This allows them to see exactly what they’re getting in the challenge and showcases your value. Any landing page service you have is totally fine, it’s just about having a place to “sell” them into your challenge.

On our landing page, we want to be super clear about two things. The first is the end result of the challenge. Meaning if you’re doing your challenge on, say giving up sugar, what is the value based end result of that? Maybe it’s weight loss or more energy or both but highlight the end result and not just the process. For example, giving up sugar is the PROCESS but the end result is more weight loss and more energy and that is WHY someone would want to participate and give up sugar… because they want that result.

The second thing we want them to see is what’s included in the challenge, meaning videos, PDFs, your expert advice, a supportive community, whatever it is that you’re including, but basically we want them to see the value within the challenge and the value of the end result. This will make it a no-brainer for them to sign up and participate. Time really is our most valuable commodity, so we want to highlight what they’re getting for giving their time to your challenge.
Next, you need to market your challenge. You can do this in Facebook groups, on Instagram, through Facebook ads, on another social media platform you love to use, and of course through your existing community and email lists and so much more. Personally, I typically market in Facebook groups, on my Instagram, and to my list.

My recommendation is to be marketing your challenge at least once, if not twice per day. Remember challenges can be a lot of work to create. So you want to make sure you’re giving it the best opportunity to be successful. I see too many women put a ton of hard work into creating a challenge and then put very minimal effort into promoting it. This will not serve you, your business or the people who need what you’re offering. So I really want to challenge you to commit to daily marketing of your challenge for at least one, but ideally two weeks, prior to the start date of your challenge.

Lastly, I recommend using consistent branding for all of your marketing efforts. Use the same colors, pictures, fonts, et cetera, so that people recognize the challenge and you. This builds your know like and trust factor, and also helps people that previously meant to sign up and forgot, have their memory jogged when they see your next post about it and make sure they get to sign up. We are so often looking at our phone in the middle of things, scrolling when we have just a minute, etc. so it’s likely people will see it the first few times and not sign up (even if they want to). Having that consistent branding just brings them back to it again and again and makes it more likely you’ll get the most sign ups possible!

The PDF that I created will help you outline that and resolve your offering, the value you’re giving and the way in which you plan to market. Make sure to fill this out completely and make that commitment to yourself and your business that you’re going to stick with it.

Today your challenge is to complete the day three PDF, create your landing page and marketing plan. Major bonus points if you create a landing page and share that with us in the Facebook group to get people excited and allow us to start cheering you on!. I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!


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