A Challenge on Challenges: Day 1

Choosing your topic + format and setting your goal


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Hello, everyone. Welcome to Day One of A Challenge on Challenges. I am so glad you decided to join me in creating your own challenge to bring in more clients and cash into your business.

So day one is all about choosing your topic and format and setting your goal. These are crucial first steps to creating a challenge that your people love and that ultimately gives your community and your business the results you desire.

So let’s start by talking about choosing a topic. The biggest mistake I see a lot of people make when creating a challenge is making it way too broad. It will be on things like, five days to 10K, or build your business in five days. And it simply doesn’t work as well because most people won’t see results from that. I’m not saying it’s impossible to create big paydays or build your business quickly, but most people aren’t able to execute that quickly and there is much more to building a business than you can teach in five days.

That’s why I believe in creating a specific, actionable challenge so that our audience can actually see results from it (even if they’re small) and see the value you provide not just through knowledge but making things happen. If they don’t get results from your challenge, they might feel like there’s way more work they need to do before they hire you OR they may not see as much of the value in taking that next step with you. Now, I’m not saying everyone will do it 100% but I’m saying setting it up to be tailored to that is very smart!

So in order to pick a specific topic, I always start by brainstorming on all the things I know my people have been talking about, asking questions on, or that I know they routinely struggle with. If you’re not sure about this, it’s definitely time to do some market research and ask them. You can do this through free calls, social posts, surveying your list, whatever works for you. But you want to know that the topic you choose is a pain point that they definitely desire help with.

Now, after you brainstorm the topic, pick the most specific one with the most impactful results.

For example, this challenge is on a very specific topic, creating a challenge, but you can get huge results in your business from creating a challenge so it is impactful yet specific. Now, you might not SEE the results from your challenge this week, but you will see the result of having it planned and that is a HUGE win. Make sense?

OK. Next, I want you to pick a format. Meaning, do you want people to have to sign up for your list, join your Facebook group or both. If you don’t have a Facebook group, then obviously you want them to join your list. If you’re creating a brand new Facebook group and you’re using this challenge to funnel people in, to keep it simple, you could just have people join there first and get them on your list and then your future. Or perhaps you’re running it on your Instagram but want them to sign up via email first to be redirected there. Ultimately, I recommend doing both so you’re building your list and community at the same time, but also want you to remember that it’s about keeping it simple and do-able for you (especially if this is your first challenge).

So once you pick a format, you can easily decide how to deliver the challenge. So for example, sending everything out via email, or posting it all in your Facebook group or social platform, or doing a combination of both. The first two are really self-explanatory so let’s just touch on doing a combination of both. So in order to do this, I send all of the information via email, like your daily video and or a PDF. Then I create a reason for them to also join the group. So for example, a big reason might be because that’s where they can get your support and feedback on your challenge, or be entered to win a giveaway, or perhaps PDF’s are sent out via email and livestreams are hosted in the group! Ultimately, we want there to be an obvious benefit to being on the list and in the group, because if you’re only doing one, you’re missing out on a ton of value in the other.

Lastly, I want you to set a goal for your challenge. Y’all know that I strongly believe in setting goals that feel good, but also feel like a stretch. So having that goal in mind challenges you to market effectively, promote more often, etc. I also want you to think about what the end result is that you want from putting on a challenge. Do you want to build your Facebook group or community, really increase your know like and trust factor, build your list, or sell a program? This is crucial because you want to ensure that whatever you’re doing with the challenge lines up exactly with that end goal.

So if I know I want to sell a program, I’d want to pick a challenge topic that led right into that program. If I want to build my know, like, and trust factor with my audience, I’m going to want to ensure that I do videos or something more interactive than just email or that I’m showing up in the community and interacting a ton. I want you to be clear on your goals so that you can use it to guide your challenge planning and so that you can achieve the end result you desire.

So today your challenge is to complete the day one PDF, choose your topic and format and get it crystal clear so you can start building! I would also love to hear your goal for your challenge and celebrate what you have planned so feel free to share with us in the Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur Facebook group! We’d love to support you in there!


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