LITerally Season 9

Season Nine with Robyn is about rebuilding. Robyn has a successful coaching business that she’s entirely rebuilding and reimagining while also launching a second business alongside it. Robyn is also rebuilding herself in many ways. After a devastating personal loss and journey, Robyn is figuring out who she is and what she believes on the other side of grief, loss, and uncertainty. Tune in to hear how Robyn balances launching a new business, running her current one, and healing herself as a wife and mama. This season brings the heart and depth alongside the strategy in a way that you don’t want to miss.

In this Intro to Season 9, we kick off with a get-to-know-you session with our new coachee, Robyn Gooding! It’s such a fun conversation that

In Session 1 with Robyn, we get to know her and her business and discuss how it can be quite scary to scale a good

In Session 2 with Robyn, we start with leaning into pricing and strategy and end up going WAY deeper into the new identity that’s emerging

In Session 3 with Robyn, we discuss all things scaling and messaging. The truth is, in order to scale a program you need specific messaging

In this solo episode, we discuss the differences in scaling and selling a large group offer vs. 1:1. Too often in the online space we

In Session 4 with Robyn, we go deep. We talk about being the default parent, the toxicity of doing it all, sacred rage, and deep

In Session 5 with Robyn, we discuss a new message that’s come alive for her, the marketing behind it and the thread that’s been there

In Session 6 with Robyn, we discuss the balance of ambition and contentment, and what it means to want more when you’re so good with

In this solo episode, we discuss how the best results in business come from being able to navigate the fine lines and nuances that inevitably

In Session 7 with Robyn, we discuss the upcoming launch of Robyn’s new business and the launch of her new offer in her coaching business.

In Session 8 with Robyn, we discuss where she’s at as she’s wrapping up her year, how she’s feeling about her relationship with social media,

In this solo episode, we discuss what it really means and looks like to create success during those tough seasons in life. We talk about

In Session 10 with Robyn, we discuss that difficult place in business when things feel uncertain but nothing is actually wrong. We dive into detachment,

In Session 11 with Robyn, we discuss what it means to market yourself and lean into sharing in a new way. It’s such a great

In Session 12 with Robyn, we dive into social media and messaging in a big way. We talk about what it looks like to make

In this solo episode, we discuss what it really means and looks like to create success during those tough seasons in life. We talk about

In Session 13 with Robyn, we discuss the big thing that’s been happening for her personally and some huge mindset shifts she’s had in the

In Session 15 with Robyn, we discuss what’s coming up for Robyn mindset wise as she enters into this next launch and the intuitive nudge

In Session 16 with Robyn, we check in with Robyn as she’s mid-way through her launch and her embryo transfer. She’s in a really big

In this solo episode, we discuss the biggest key to seeing consistent success with your funnel or launches. We’ll talk about what keeps you steady

In our final coaching session with Robyn we do a recap into her launch and review final results. We have a full circle moment in

In this final episode with Robyn, we’re wrapping up Season 9 by discussing her time on the podcast. From what it took to stay committed


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