LITerally Season 8

Season Eight with Angie is all about scaling an already successful business to epic proportions! Angie is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant and coach who works with people and organizations in the education sector, and you’re going to hear all about the incredible work she’s doing as she stretches herself and her business into new territories. Tune in to witness her building out a team for the first time, stepping into her zone of genius, and the power of focusing on depth versus width in her business – all while balancing being a present parent with her passion and drive to make an impact on the world.

In this Intro to Season 8, we kick off with a get-to-know-you session with our new coachee, Angie Browne! I believe she’s going to bring

In Session 1 with Angie, we discuss what she’s currently doing in the business, where her challenges lie, and what she wants the next stage

In Session 2 with Angie, we discuss the disconnect we can often feel between our big vision and day to day tasks, the viability (and

In Session 3 with Angie, we discuss prevalent challenges in the online space that aren’t always talked about publicly, specifically burnout, balance, and trade-offs. It’s

In this solo episode, we discuss where your energy is going in your business and why it’s crucial to make sure it’s supporting you –

In Session 4 with Angie, we discuss how things can change much quicker than we might expect. External factors may not be exactly where we

In Session 5 with Angie, we discuss identity and what happens when you can’t do the thing you always thought you could do. This conversation

In Session 6 with Angie, we discuss some interesting news that impacts everything we’ve been talking about in previous sessions. This adds an interesting spin

In this solo episode, we discuss how to unwind that “hard worker” identity that so many of us high-achievers have – especially because we see

In Session 7 with Angie, we discuss how things have shifted for her since she got the answers she needed about her health and began

In Session 8 with Angie, we discuss all the ways in which she’s starting to feel the freedom she’s worked for and the true magnitude

In Session 9 with Angie, we discuss what’s been going on since Angie and I last spoke before her summer holiday. You’ll get to hear

In this solo episode, you’ll hear me talk about the important but unconventional strategies for scaling that have made the biggest difference for myself and

In Session 10 with Angie, we discuss her exciting and juicy present filled with solid boundaries and systems, spaciousness, and amazing support. This episode represents

In Session 11 with Angie, we discuss what happens when we are able to fully live into our values in business. Hint: It’s REALLY good.

In Session 12 with Angie, we dive into what’s coming up for her as she feels better and better in business and we fine-tune the

In this solo episode, I dive into the details behind what it takes to feel truly GOOD in your business. So much of what you’ve

In Session 13 with Angie, we dive into some of the challenges she faced, racism she dealt with, and perspective shifts she experienced in the

In Session 14 with Angie, we discuss the overwhelm she’s feeling as she brings on new associates and deals with the challenges of growth. You’ll

In Session 15 with Angie, we discuss how good things are feeling for her and the places she’s still being challenged in. This is such

In this solo episode, we dive into the big emotions of growth, which are actually the most crucial to deal with as you scale. Most

In Session 16 with Angie, we have an episode that’s quite different than normal. We recorded about 10 minutes of our session and then called

In Session 17 with Angie, we discuss how she’s feeling as she expands support into more areas of her business. We also discuss her fear

In our FINAL session with Angie (Session 18), we discuss her perspective on accountability after having all of her sessions recorded and what it did

In this final episode with Angie, we’re wrapping up Season 8 and going fully off of our normal wrap up questions! Typically, I ask specific


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