LITerally Season 7

Season Seven with Sabrina not only takes you behind the scenes with a seven-figure business coach and earner, but also with a client I’ve been working with for six years. Hear how Sabrina navigates her goals of making $2 million in 6 months and getting her business set up for a future baby. Tune in for a peek inside the brain and business of a seven-figure earner and what it takes to really grow, scale, and refine at that level.

If you haven’t met Sabrina Philipp already, you’re about to get up close and personal with her multiple 7-figure business. In this introductory episode, we

In Session 1 with Sabrina, we discuss her sales priorities and solidify her offers for the remainder of the year. Not to burst your bubble

In Session 2 with Sabrina, we cover one of my favorite topics: mindset. Whether you are a multiple 7-figure business owner like Sabrina, or in

In Session 3 with Sabrina, you will hear how she processes what has worked in her past offers, how she currently enjoys supporting clients, and

In this solo episode, we discuss how to get unstuck and into growth mode at different stages in business. You will be confident in identifying

In Session 4 with Sabrina, we let you in on what it’s really like selling as a 7-figure business owner. Some of the ways that

In Session 5 with Sabrina, we discuss closing down her $2 million program and what led her to make this difficult decision. We also dive

In Session 6 with Sabrina, we identify Sabrina’s struggle in moving forward with one of her offers, and how to help her feel more lit

In this solo episode, we discuss three very important topics that have one common thread: these are what you need to look at at every

Looking to improve your sales strategy and boost your business? In Session 7, Sabrina and I dive into some key principles for success. From understanding

In Session 8 with Sabrina, we talk about the strategy, energy and motivation behind her selling. This will show you that there’s not a ‘secret’,

In Session 9 with Sabrina, we discuss team challenges, continued mindset work, and once again choosing tradeoffs when Sabrina unexpectedly finds herself working way more

In this solo episode, we take you behind the scenes moments after a team mistake is made. What is the best next step as the

In Session 10 with Sabrina, we discuss what came up in a recent visit with her family, how necessary it is to have clarity (and

In Session 11 with Sabrina we demonstrate how mindset, strategy and execution (my trademarked coaching framework) can all fit together in one call. Listen to

In Session 16 with Sabrina, we discuss building self-trust, creating momentum, and the motivation behind what we do. After reviewing her past year, Sabrina shares

In this solo episode, we discuss the two biggest factors required for sustainable success. We’ll talk about how to step out of chaos and reactivity

In Session 13 with Sabrina, we discuss getting back to that feeling of ease and consistency after taking time off, how to regain momentum, and

In Session 14 with Sabrina, we discuss what capacity looks like for different people, how to adjust timelines, and the path to respecting and meeting

In Session 15 with Sabrina, we discuss one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face as they grow their businesses, and normalize this for all levels

I requested for us not to record this session as there were some big things we needed to dive into. In this short solo episode,

In this solo episode, we discuss the ways to create the most optimal team for your business. Because as a scaling business owner, your team

In Session 17 with Sabrina, we discuss where her leads and sales are coming from, the returns she’s seeing on consistent investments, and considerations to

In Session 18 with Sabrina, we discuss what she’s doing with her 1:1 offers, balancing changes in her life with business, and filling team roles

In Session 19 with Sabrina, we discuss big and very real fears…because EVERYONE has their own version of these, and it can be hard to

In Session 20 with Sabrina (our final session), we discuss what support looks like in your business – and not just in terms of team

In this final episode with Sabrina, we’re wrapping up Season 7 by discussing her time on the podcast. From the brave leap of being this


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