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Season Six with Michelle gives us an up close look at navigating new seasons and challenges in business, even and especially when it doesn’t feel like the business is growing at the speed we want it to. Michelle is an IVF support coach who is navigating letting go of a corporate mindset, stepping into her power, and making business work as life circumstances pop up along the way. Tune in to get a big dose of permission, see the value of personal support, the unique nature of Michelle’s business, and how to adjust to the challenges that come up as this journey unfolds.

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Episode 1: Meet Our New Coachee (Introduction with Michelle)

In this introductory episode, we learn about our new coachee Michelle! We discuss the importance of support and embracing the timing of your journey. Michelle shares her IVF journey that prompted her to begin her business. Hear about the steps she took to begin, her goals, biggest lessons learned so far in her business, and […]

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Episode 2: Creating Your Dream Schedule, Setting Boundaries & Content That Converts (Session 1 with Michelle)

We’re kicking off Season 6 with Michelle! Listen in to Michelle and I talk about an important piece of client onboarding, combining mindset and strategy to face fears, and why immediate conversions don’t have to be your main focus in order to create big results. In this episode, you’ll hear: The #1 thing to do […]

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Episode 3: Celebrating Momentum, Defining Your Strategy and Identifying Your Capacity (Session 2 with Michelle)

In Session 2 with Michelle, we’re having a very important conversation around celebrating momentum, creating a strategy (and why it’s important to stay consistent), identifying your finite capacity and mindset. You’ll also hear me talk about a game-changing question you can ask during your next discovery call to get you more sales.  In this episode, […]

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Episode 4: Creating a Fulfilling Business Model + Effortless Launching (Session 3 with Michelle)

In Session 3 with Michelle, we’re diving into how to feel fulfilled and confident with your business model. From how to love the different aspects of your business (from the admin tasks to the deliverables) to the permission to create a business model that works for you (and what that might look like). We will […]

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Episode 5: The Secret to Growing Your Business That Most People Won’t Tell You (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this first solo episode of Season 6, I talk about the secret to growing your business that most people won’t tell you. Why won’t they tell you? Because our industry is often built on selling the idea that you’re just ONE new module away from it all working. While that would be ideal (to […]

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Episode 6: Managing capacity, shifting 9-5 conditioning, and stepping into the CEO role for bigger & better results (Session 4 with Michelle)

In Session 4 with Michelle, we get some VERY exciting news (!!!) and dive into all things capacity and conditioning. We talk about what it looks like to step into the unknown, the resistance that can come up with the CEO role, and sales myths that keep us stuck. We’re shifting ALL of these in […]

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Episode 7: Mastering your Mindset and Building a Well-Oiled Machine in Business (Session 5 with Michelle)

In Session 5 with Michelle, we talk about mastering her mindset (and ditching the 9-5 mentality) to create a ripple effect that gets bigger results in business. We’re discussing the role of our personal journeys, the abundance that is already prevalent, and the business foundations she wants to have on lock in order to take […]

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Episode 8: Implementing Strategy & Execution in the Right Way to Really Grow Your Business (Session 6 with Michelle)

In Session 6 with Michelle, we dive into all things strategy and execution. From deciding your next right steps, to using the free time you have, to stacking strategies in the way that works best- we are getting clear on exactly what makes the biggest difference when it comes to taking action and creating more […]

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Episode 9: Business and Life Integration & how to make them work together for more results (Close-Up with Lacey)

In our second solo episode, we’re having a deep conversation on the 9-5 conditioning that tells us that business and life are always in competition with each other. I’m asking you some really important questions to create massive alignment and clarity, and helping you get yourself on board with the idea that these two can […]

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Episode 10: Using Objections to Connect and Convert More Sales (Session 7 with Michelle)

In Session 7 with Michelle, we illustrate how sales objections can help us gain clarity to make more sales. From handling disappointment and objections in our business, to simple yet impactful ways to increase our conversions in content and on calls, this episode will give you new perspectives on how you can close sales with […]

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