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Season Five with Erika takes us behind-the-scenes on scaling a business (and doing it your own way). Erika’s having success in business and wants to take things to the next level by hiring new team members, focusing on money mindset, and tackling mindset, strategy, and execution around things like expansion, revenue forecasting, and business planning. Sometimes you need support when things aren’t going well, and sometimes you need support when things are working, and that’s exactly what you’ll hear in this season.

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Episode 1: Meet Our Coachee (Introduction with Erika)

In this introductory episode, we learn about our new coachee Erika and hear about her business and her goals over the next six months. We learn that Erika built a successful business serving a consumer (not business-based audience) and is getting support because things are going well (and she’s ready for them to get even […]

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Episode 2: Mapping Out Your Sales and Launch Calendar (Session 1 with Erika)

In Session 1 with Erika, we discuss Erika’s current launch (and why it’s normal to question if you can repeat a successful month in business) and map out her next 6-8 month sales and launch calendar. From how she’s deciding what to sell to the thought process behind planning her launches to how she’s letting […]

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Episode 3: Money Mindset & Feeling Safe Making More (Session 2 with Erika)

In Session 2 with Erika, we have such an important conversation around business growth, money mindset, and pre-making decisions to create more ease. This conversation will serve you SO much no matter where you are in business because these are the BIG things we often have to work through to continue growing and increasing our […]

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Episode 4: An unrecorded session & some thoughts on transparency in business (Session 3 with Erika)

In Session 3 with Erika, it’s actually only me you’ll hear from! Erika had a personal challenge this week and while we ARE committed to sharing the behind-the-scenes, we’re focused on the behind-the-scenes of her business story. So, I’m sharing why we decided to have this session WITHOUT recording it, why it’s okay to keep […]

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Bonus Episode 1: Important thoughts on transparency, perfection, and feeling good in business (Bonus Episode)

Transparency is such a buzzword in marketing right now and I have a lot of thoughts I want to share about it. Personally, I FULLY believe in sharing the BTS in so many ways- I have two podcasts, 3 client lessons/week on Instagram, 2+ years of client files, not to mention a metric f*ck ton […]

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Episode 5: The hack for growth that you need to do NOW (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this solo episode, we discuss the ONE thing that makes the process of creating your lit up life and business happen faster, better, and easier. This is THE WORK that makes your business grow with more ease, and I’m sharing how doing this work impacts your productivity, your success, and how you show up […]

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Episode 6: Time Off, Scheduling, and Creating Freedom in Business (Session 4 with Erika)

In Session 4 with Erika, we discuss scheduling in your business and personal life to create more freedom and lessen decision fatigue! We’re talking about how structure, automation, and calendaring can help you get more done, enjoy your business more, and create more space for business and personal growth (even if you HATE structure). This […]

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Episode 7: Launch strategy, launch mindset and knowing it’s all working (Session 5 with Erika)

In Session 5 with Erika, we discuss how launch strategy becomes easier and easier as your business grows and why how you’re thinking about and approaching your launch becomes even more important. Plus we discuss what it looks like to find pieces of evidence that let you know it’s all working (even before sales are […]

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