LITerally Season 5

Season Five with Erika takes us behind-the-scenes on scaling a business (and doing it your own way). Erika’s having success in business and wants to take things to the next level by hiring new team members, focusing on money mindset, and tackling mindset, strategy, and execution around things like expansion, revenue forecasting, and business planning. Sometimes you need support when things aren’t going well, and sometimes you need support when things are working, and that’s exactly what you’ll hear in this season.

In this introductory episode, we learn about our new coachee Erika and hear about her business and her goals over the next six months. We

In Session 1 with Erika, we discuss Erika’s current launch (and why it’s normal to question if you can repeat a successful month in business)

In Session 2 with Erika, we have such an important conversation around business growth, money mindset, and pre-making decisions to create more ease. This conversation

In Session 3 with Erika, it’s actually only me you’ll hear from! Erika had a personal challenge this week and while we ARE committed to

Transparency is such a buzzword in marketing right now and I have a lot of thoughts I want to share about it. Personally, I FULLY

In this solo episode, we discuss the ONE thing that makes the process of creating your lit up life and business happen faster, better, and

In Session 4 with Erika, we discuss scheduling in your business and personal life to create more freedom and lessen decision fatigue! We’re talking about

In Session 5 with Erika, we discuss how launch strategy becomes easier and easier as your business grows and why how you’re thinking about and

In Session 6 with Erika, we talk about selling intentionally in business (and how to do that when you’re busy or used to focusing more

We all want success but what does that actually mean and how do you know you’re on the right path? In this bonus episode, I

In this solo episode with Lacey, we talk about how to better work WITH yourself to show up consistently in your business and get results

In Session 7 with Erika, you’ll hear an update on Erika’s launch as we talk about normalizing ease and good things happening (and why this

In Session 8 with Erika, we’re talking about the things that don’t always get talked about in business: people dropping out of programs, potential clients

In Session 9 with Erika, you get to hear so much of the reason I started this podcast… aka the behind-the-scenes of what it really

In this close-up with Lacey, we discuss navigating some of the more challenging aspects of business and sales, from clients having freak-outs, to potential clients

In Session 10 with Erika, we discuss what ease in business actually means, the difference between getting it right and trusting yourself to make it

In Session 11 with Erika, we discuss Erika’s final mastermind launch results and what’s coming up for her now that she’s officially “quantum leaped” in

For Session 12 with Erika, we have something a little bit different for you and I hope it’s the permission you need to bring it

In this solo episode with Lacey, we’re breaking down the mindset and strategy of Erika’s $56k sold-out launch. You’ll hear the top 4 mindset practices

In Session 13 with Erika, you’ll get to hear how fast things can shift (positively) in business as we discuss what makes it easier to

In Session 14 with Erika, we discuss common growth challenges and normalize what we might face as CEOs behind-the-scenes in business. From colleagues or customers

In Session 15 with Erika, we discuss the fear of success versus the fear of failure and what to do when you worry the other

In our last solo episode of the season, we discuss the business model secrets and mindset hacks that help you become a thought leader in

In Session 16 with Erika, we discuss your #1 strength as a small business owner: adaptability. From how to adapt during a launch (so that

In Session 17 with Erika, we catch up on Erika’s launch (and hear what she did/didn’t do to bring it from 50% to only 3%

In this bonus episode, Pussy-Based Business Coach, Julia Wells joins us to do a deep dive and an honest behind the scenes look at the

In Session 18 with Erika (our final session of the season!), we discuss all things MONEY. From money challenges to feeling safe around money to

In this wrap-up episode with Erika, we reflect on Season 5 and one of the biggest lessons we learned this season: growth can feel really


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