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Season Four with Ally dives into what it looks like to build and refine your business and serve your clients in a way that actually serves you BOTH. Ally is a brand stylist and website designer who has been in business for ten years and is ready to finally build the business that feels good to HER. Tune in to follow Ally’s journey as she fine-tunes the business model that lights her the eff up.

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Episode 1: 10 Years in Business Ready to Do It HER Way (Meet our new coachee, Ally)

In this introductory episode of Season 4, you get to meet our new coachee, Ally! Ally has been in business for 10 years and is ready to deepen her sense of self-trust and finally build the business that feels good to HER. If you struggle with making decisions or setting boundaries, sometimes question your responsibility [...]
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Episode 2: How to Solve The Right Problem In Your Business

In our first session with Ally, we get clear on what Ally wants to achieve in her business over the next six months and which specific problems are keeping her stuck. I always say the key to success is solving the RIGHT problem and this episode is a behind-the-scenes look at how to identify what’s [...]
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Episode 3: Empathy in Business + The Surprising Truth About Success and Growth (Session 2 with Ally)

In Session 2 with Ally, we go deep with an honest, transparent conversation about how overthinking, second-guessing, and being a deeply feeling human can show up (and sometimes trip you up) in business. Plus, I share practical strategies, journal prompts, and next steps that will resonate with all entrepreneurs navigating client relationships, boundaries, and how […]

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Episode 4: Creating Processes and Packages that Work For You and Your Clients (Session 3 with Ally)

In this session with Ally, we discuss what it means to design your services in a way that supports your growth, happiness, and fulfillment (plus works really, really well for your clients, too). We talk about boundaries (how to set them and how to keep them), what it looks like to attract right-fit clients, and […]

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Episode 5: The BS to drop NOW around ideal clients so you can make MORE (Close Up with Lacey)

In our first solo episode of the season, I’m breaking down 7 myths and BS statements around ideal clients so you can stop holding yourself back and start making more money in your business. I promise, if you let go of these stories, and adopt the reframes I’m sharing with you instead, you will attract […]

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Episode 6: Offers That Sell & the REAL Truth About a Biz That Lights You Up (Session 4 with Ally)

In Session 4 with Ally, we continue the conversation around business models, pricing, and past investments, and get clear on the offers in Ally’s business that will both sell with ease AND light her up the most. From how to clearly talk about your business to messaging that attracts, we’re discussing how to have what […]

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Episode 7: Marketing, Simplified… Plus How to Streamline Your Sales Funnel (Session 5 with Ally)

In Session 5 with Ally, we’re simplifying how Ally markets her services, shows up online, moves leads through her sales process, and creates momentum in her business that pays off exponentially over time. Ally’s been in business for 10 years and there’s still room to streamline, simplify, and strategize because this is the foundation that […]

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