LITerally Season 4

Season Four with Ally dives into what it looks like to build and refine your business and serve your clients in a way that actually serves you BOTH. Ally is a brand stylist and website designer who has been in business for ten years and is ready to finally build the business that feels good to HER. Tune in to follow Ally’s journey as she fine-tunes the business model that lights her the eff up.

In this introductory episode of Season 4, you get to meet our new coachee, Ally! Ally has been in business for 10 years and is

In our first session with Ally, we get clear on what Ally wants to achieve in her business over the next six months and which

In Session 2 with Ally, we go deep with an honest, transparent conversation about how overthinking, second-guessing, and being a deeply feeling human can show

In this session with Ally, we discuss what it means to design your services in a way that supports your growth, happiness, and fulfillment (plus

In our first solo episode of the season, I’m breaking down 7 myths and BS statements around ideal clients so you can stop holding yourself

In Session 4 with Ally, we continue the conversation around business models, pricing, and past investments, and get clear on the offers in Ally’s business

In Session 5 with Ally, we’re simplifying how Ally markets her services, shows up online, moves leads through her sales process, and creates momentum in

In Session 6 with Ally, we discuss the one surprising shift that will change everything in Ally’s business… from her messaging to her sales page

In this bonus episode, I’m sharing a special interview I did with my amazing friend and client, Christina Lecuyer, where she interviewed *me*! I think

In our second solo episode, I’m sharing a simple strategy for your business that’s almost guaranteed to give you a better life and business experience.

In Session 7 with Ally, we discuss THE thing that creates success in life, biz, and everything in between. From how to have more ease

In Session 8 with Ally, we’re normalizing ups AND downs in business. If you’re having a hard week or feeling overwhelmed… If you’re wondering what’s

In this solo episode, I normalize the HARDEST seasons in business and share how to move through these seasons to get the results you want.

In Session 10 with Ally, we share the most underrated business exercise EVER and discuss how to navigate difficult client situations. This episode is so

In Session 11 with Ally, you’ll see how quickly things can shift week-to-week plus hear the huge entrepreneurial milestone Ally is celebrating! You’ll also hear

In Session 12 with Ally, we discuss what it looks like to raise your prices, uphold process boundaries, and truly build the business that lights

In our fourth solo episode of the season, I share why boundaries are key to staying sane (and sustainable) in business, how to set boundaries

In Session 13 with Ally, we talk about how to feel good in your business around everything from engaging with clients to taking time off.

In Session 14 with Ally, we discuss the solid foundation she’s created plus the next-level opportunities she has to further grow and scale her business!

In Session 15 with Ally, we showcase the importance of celebration in a coaching relationship and what it looks like to ground into and own

In this solo episode, I share practical strategies and mindset shifts to help you feel better in business (even when you’re busy). From how to

In Session 16 with Ally, we break down how to prioritize growth projects in your business so that you continue to grow and scale even

In Session 17 with Ally, we discuss the realities of running a business as a mom (or as anyone with multiple priorities) and what it

In Session 18 with Ally, we bring Ally’s journey full circle as we lock into what works for her and her business and talk about

During the final episode of Season 4, Ally and I discuss her journey on the podcast and what it was like for her to be


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