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Season Three with Rachel is all about creating sustainable success, doing work you love, and enjoying financial freedom all at the same time. Rachel has a successful PR business but is looking to do more of the work that truly lights her up as a money and finance coach. Tune in to follow Rachel’s journey in building a business she loves while juggling a BUSY life and schedule.

Simple Setup and Strategies to Get Results (Session 9 with Rachel)

In Session 9 with Rachel, we tweak Rachel’s current setup and strategy to make things simpler and easier! So often, we feel the goal is to do more, add more, keep more openings, etc., and in this episode, you’ll hear how sometimes adding more is NOT the solution. We’re talking about why it’s okay to […]

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Straightforward Sales Process + Principles (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this solo episode, I break down the 4 steps of a good sales process and share 4 sales principles that make selling more in your business incredibly straightforward. A good sales process isn’t overwhelming or overcomplicated, so let’s demystify sales and make getting more easy with this simple 4-step process and principles!  Here’s what […]

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What I REALLY think about profit sharing in my business (Bonus Episode)

A Lit Up Life has grown by six-figures each year for the last four years (2016-2019). Over the last two years specifically, that revenue jump came without even an OUNCE of extra work. In 2018, I introduced revenue share into my business and so what I love most about this stat is what it means. […]

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The Hardest Season in Business (and how to move through it) (Session 10 with Rachel)

In Session 10 with Rachel, we talk about the HARDEST season every business owner goes through: consistent action without consistent results. No matter how far along you are in business, you’ll relate to (what I call) “the time gap” between executing consistent strategy and reaping the rewards. Let’s discuss how to move through this season […]

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The Mindset, Strategy, and Execution of Sustainable Growth (Session 11 with Rachel)

In Session 11 with Rachel, we discuss a concept vital for every business and business owner: sustainability. This episode is such a gift (thank you, Rachel!) because understanding what creates consistency right now IS what sets up long term results. If you’re feeling pulled in many directions or you want a successful business for many […]

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