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Season Three with Rachel is all about creating sustainable success, doing work you love, and enjoying financial freedom all at the same time. Rachel has a successful PR business but is looking to do more of the work that truly lights her up as a money and finance coach. Tune in to follow Rachel’s journey in building a business she loves while juggling a BUSY life and schedule.

From Corporate PR to Money Coach (Meet Our New Coachee)

In this introductory episode of Season 3, meet our new coachee: Rachel! Rachel has a successful PR business but is looking to do more of the work that truly lights her up as a money and finance coach. Tune in to hear how Rachel balances her work in PR, her company (Blissful Budget), her family, […]

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Imposter Syndrome, Content Detoxes, and Aligned Action (Session 1 with Rachel)

In this first session with Rachel, we get clear on where Rachel is now, what she wants to accomplish over these next six months, and how she’ll start taking aligned action in that direction. We dive into a little bit of everything during this foundational session, from the impacts of COVID-19 to FB groups and […]

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Daily Schedule, Content Plan, and Main Results (Session 2 with Rachel)

In Session 2 with Rachel, we’re setting the foundational elements that every business needs. From time management when you already have an existing successful business (or little ones at home!) to my 5-step simple content creation process to communicating results and processes, this is a great check-in episode wherever you are in business!   Here’s […]

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Warm Leads, Marketing, and Retraining Your Brain (Session 3 with Rachel)

In Session 3 with Rachel, we discuss more of the important foundational elements of building a new business or re-launching a previous service, from reconnecting with warm leads to creating initial touchpoints to pricing structures and payment plans. If you’ve lost momentum in your business or want growth to stop feeling so hard, you’ll love […]

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The Top Three Time Traps – and what to do if you’re short on time (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this first solo episode of Season 3, I talk about the three biggest ways entrepreneurs get stuck on time and exactly what to do if you’re short on time in your business. Make sure to check yourself on these three “traps” because if you’re not investing your time well, then you’re not making as […]

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How Strategy Meets Mindset (Session 4 with Rachel)

In Session 4 with Rachel, we see how strategy and mindset work together (alongside execution) to create results in business. This session is a great example of how deciding on strategy showcases the mindset gaps that need to be addressed next. Often, the strategy part is the easy part (and that’s normal and okay) and […]

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Congruence, Resistance, and Showing Up Online (Session 5 with Rachel)

In Session 5 with Rachel, we discuss visibility challenges that MANY women business owners struggle with online. From how to start (or restart) showing up consistently to how to worry less about what others think, we’re digging into visibility and the strategies that do (and don’t) create the most sustainable, enjoyable success. Here’s exactly what […]

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Leadership and Running a Socially Conscious Business (Session 6 with Rachel)

In Session 6 with Rachel, we discuss how business owners can prioritize important, relevant social conversations AND run a business in parallel. While talking about things like leadership, solving the right problem, and being a CEO, we also witness how coaching is a safe container to be where you are while navigating world events. Here’s […]

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Two Ways to Get Clients Now (Bonus Episode)

When you’re working your bum off to build your business, I know you want to see results sooner rather than later. (I mean… DUH, right?) Well even though I always say that business operates on a 90-curve (aka what you’re doing today will impact your business the most 90 days from today and the results […]

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