LITerally Season 3

Season Three with Rachel is all about creating sustainable success, doing work you love, and enjoying financial freedom all at the same time. Rachel has a successful PR business but is looking to do more of the work that truly lights her up as a money and finance coach. Tune in to follow Rachel’s journey in building a business she loves while juggling a BUSY life and schedule.

In this introductory episode of Season 3, meet our new coachee: Rachel! Rachel has a successful PR business but is looking to do more of

In this first session with Rachel, we get clear on where Rachel is now, what she wants to accomplish over these next six months, and

In Session 2 with Rachel, we’re setting the foundational elements that every business needs. From time management when you already have an existing successful business

In Session 3 with Rachel, we discuss more of the important foundational elements of building a new business or re-launching a previous service, from reconnecting

In this first solo episode of Season 3, I talk about the three biggest ways entrepreneurs get stuck on time and exactly what to do

In Session 4 with Rachel, we see how strategy and mindset work together (alongside execution) to create results in business. This session is a great

In Session 5 with Rachel, we discuss visibility challenges that MANY women business owners struggle with online. From how to start (or restart) showing up

In Session 6 with Rachel, we discuss how business owners can prioritize important, relevant social conversations AND run a business in parallel. While talking about

When you’re working your bum off to build your business, I know you want to see results sooner rather than later. (I mean… DUH, right?)

In this solo episode, we go deep and explore 5 mindset concepts we’ve addressed this season! I share the coaching Q I love to ask

In Session 7 with Rachel, we talk about how to adapt as things change, how to REACT in business as a leader, and how to

In Session 8 with Rachel, we take a deep dive into how to make your sales process work for you! We talk about objections, removing

In Session 9 with Rachel, we tweak Rachel’s current setup and strategy to make things simpler and easier! So often, we feel the goal is

In this solo episode, I break down the 4 steps of a good sales process and share 4 sales principles that make selling more in

A Lit Up Life has grown by six-figures each year for the last four years (2016-2019). Over the last two years specifically, that revenue jump

In Session 10 with Rachel, we talk about the HARDEST season every business owner goes through: consistent action without consistent results. No matter how far

In Session 11 with Rachel, we discuss a concept vital for every business and business owner: sustainability. This episode is such a gift (thank you,

Session 12 with Rachel is a lesson on showing up ANYWAY. We talk about moving through overwhelm, how to navigate challenging situations, and what it

In this solo episode, I discuss 5 ways to apply long-term sustainability to your business. I talk about burnout, break down how new and big

In Session 13 with Rachel, we discuss how to plan long-term, how to make execution in business feel easier and more consistent, and how to

During Session 14, Rachel’s due date is right around the corner and so we’re getting clear on what it means for her to keep her

When thinking about what we want, our brains usually jump straight to the final destination, right? I want $10k, $20k, or $100k months. I want

Rachel is on maternity leave and so we are too! Well, in a way…  We’re bringing you a special mini series with Somatic Psychotherapist, Buddhist

Rachel is on maternity leave and so we are too! Well, in a way…  We’re bringing you a special mini series with Somatic Psychotherapist, Buddhist

Rachel is on maternity leave and so we are too! Well, in a way…  We’re bringing you a special miniseries with Somatic Psychotherapist, Buddhist meditation

For Session 15, Rachel is back from maternity leave! You’ll hear a glimpse of what business looks and feels like for Rachel just three weeks

In this close-up, I break down the decisions that impact business the most. No matter what season of business you’re in, making intentional, smart decisions

In this bonus solo episode, Rachel is taking a week off and I’m sharing why THAT is a huge win. From the freedom to step

In Session 16 with Rachel, we discuss the ins and outs of launching a DIY product or self-guided course, from creating urgency for an evergreen

In Session 17 with Rachel, we talk about moving multiple projects forward in your business at once. Whether you’re launching a course or creating a

In Session 18 with Rachel, we discuss how to better connect with your audience and use your content to convert! From sales pages to podcasting,

Session 19 with Rachel is our final session of season three! In this episode, Rachel and I map out (step by step) her three-month plan

In this final wrap-up with Rachel (the final episode of Season 3), we break down Rachel’s experience being on the podcast plus her thoughts on

In Session 9 with Ally, we showcase what it really looks like to book out your biz and start planning how to scale. From how


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