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Season Two with Sam gives you a behind-the-scenes look at running a six-figure business and scaling to even more. Sam has been running her digital marketing agency for a few years and is ready to scale, adding new services and new team members along the way. Tune in to learn how she tackles new obstacles and makes decisions in her biz, and get ready to be inspired by hearing the mindset of a six-figure business owner.

A Six-Figure Business Ready For More (Meet our New Coachee)

In this introductory episode of Season 2, meet our new coachee: Sam! Sam has been in business for a few years and is looking to scale beyond the six-figure mark while adding new services and new team members to her biz. Tune in to hear how Sam left her corporate job, built a six-figure agency […]

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The Foundations of Strategic Scaling (Session 1 with Sam)

In this very first session with Sam, we set the foundation for how to scale and grow a business in alignment with the life you want to live! We’re highlighting the most important Qs to ask yourself if you want to scale in the most strategic way, how to know *exactly* when you’re ready to […]

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The Real Truth Behind Hiring with Ease (Session 2 with Sam)

In Session 2 with Sam, we see how quickly and strategically a business can scale when smart decisions are made and time is dedicated in the right way! Plus, we discuss how to move forward and make progress despite setbacks any given week, the most streamlined, strategic and easeful way to hire your first team […]

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The Psychology of Marketing + Creating a Hiring Process (Session 3 with Sam)

In Session 3 with Sam, we break down six-figure mindset hacks, dish out scaling advice you need to know if you’re hiring in your biz and get clear on the psychology of marketing (including a genius tip from a recruiter to help you snag more clients and leads)! Plus, I share one super honest truth […]

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