LITerally Season 2

Season Two with Sam gives you a behind-the-scenes look at running a six-figure business and scaling to even more. Sam has been running her digital marketing agency for a few years and is ready to scale, adding new services and new team members along the way. Tune in to learn how she tackles new obstacles and makes decisions in her biz, and get ready to be inspired by hearing the mindset of a six-figure business owner.

In this introductory episode of Season 2, meet our new coachee: Sam! Sam has been in business for a few years and is looking to

In this very first session with Sam, we set the foundation for how to scale and grow a business in alignment with the life you

In Session 2 with Sam, we see how quickly and strategically a business can scale when smart decisions are made and time is dedicated in

In Session 3 with Sam, we break down six-figure mindset hacks, dish out scaling advice you need to know if you’re hiring in your biz

In Session 4 with Sam, we talk about everything from the ultimate success mindset to the best way to use discounts in your biz to

In this very first solo episode of Season 2, I (your host, Lacey!) discuss 5 mindset hacks to help you scale to six-figures (and way

In Session 5 with Sam, we discuss the place in your business where people BUY (& how to get clear on this so you can

In Session 6 with Sam, we discuss how to personalize your sales follow-up process so that you get more conversions and sign more clients, the

In Session 7 with Sam, we discuss expenses vs. investments and how I recommend walking through money objections with potential clients, how to remove decision

In this second solo episode of Season 2, I discuss how to implement simple, sustainable strategy in your business so you can get the results

In Session 8 with Sam, we discuss how to create, share and repurpose content in your business to grow and scale with more ease (and

In Session 9 with Sam, we discuss some big numbers and big results as we break down the ins and outs of Sam’s super fast

In Session 10, we craft Sam’s buyer’s journey and continue to lean into the problem we identified last session: touchpoints. We’re talking about how to

In this bonus episode, I share with you the #1 mindset shift that changes EVERYTHING in your marketing + selling.   If there’s one place

In the third solo episode of Season 2, we deep dive into what makes fast growth possible, why quick success isn’t inherently better, and the

In Session 11 with Sam, we see that fast growth is possible AND that there are still things to figure out and challenges to solve

In Session 12 with Sam, we continue our conversation on quick growth, what it looks like and how to handle it in a way that

In this bonus episode, I share with you the #1 thing every business owner needs to hear. As a coach, I’m behind-the-scenes in businesses from

In Session 13, Sam shares two big changes (one she’s experiencing in life and one in business!) and we discuss how to move forward, set

In this fourth solo episode, I share the 4 things that go on behind-the-scenes of successful businesses (and the 4 things every business owner who

In Session 14 with Sam, we discuss what it looks like to “decide” (and how decision can create quick results) and talk about how to

Should I change my offer? Is it gross to sell right now? Should I cancel my in-person event?  I’ve been getting a lot of Q’s

In this bonus episode, I join Success Coach, Ariel Frey, for an interview on how to stay positive during these difficult times. We talk about

During this session with Sam, we dive into mindset, time-blocking, what to do when it feels hard to take action, and even what to do

In this bonus episode, I’m getting specific and sharing real-life examples of a concept that has the power to completely change your business. If it

In Session 16 with Sam, we see how quickly things can shift and clients, ideas, and results can show up once you direct your focus

In this 5th solo episode, we discuss what’s on everyone’s mind right now: The changes that  COVID-19 has brough and how to adapt in your

In this session, Sam and I have a different conversation than what you’re used to. We get honest about depression and what to do when

This might surprise you, but I’m not an easy coach to work with. If you’re looking for someone to really go easy and not dive

In Session 18 with Sam, we see how fast things can change, celebrate a big win, and discuss all things sales and conversions. From using

This is the first session in which Sam and I discuss the Coronavirus and its impact on Sam’s business. It feels so relevant to have

In our last (recorded) session with Sam, we further discuss COVID-19 and its effects on Sam’s day-to-day plus business as a whole. We’re breaking down

In this episode with Sam, we wrap up the second season of LITerally! I’m asking Sam to help close out her journey by asking about


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