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Season One with Monica pulls back the curtain to share with you the *entire* journey of building an online business… with all of the ups, downs, and lessons in between. Monica is starting her coaching business from square one, looking to build a profitable biz that lights her up. Tune in to see Monica’s transformation over the course of six months, and receive a much-needed dose of permission to do things your way.

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Congruent Pricing, Streamlined Offers, and Selling with Confidence (Session 2 With Monica)

In Session 2 with Monica, we discuss getting people on the phone before you’re ready, the importance of delivering a specific result on a call, how to lead a sales call that feels good for you and your clients, creating (and pricing) your first offer, and delivering sales pitches that convert.   Here’s how it […]

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Clarity, Intention, and Moving Forward Before You See Results (Session 1 with Monica)

In Session 1 with Monica, we’re talking about how to find a focus in messaging, what to do when imposter syndrome rears its head, the important of moving forward before seeing results, and what often ends up being the hardest part of building an online business.   Here’s how it goes down: Common initial struggles […]

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LITerally™: The Introduction

This podcast literally takes you through the entire process of building a successful business and creating a lit up life. By recording every coaching session in entirety, you get an unfiltered view of the ups and downs of starting an online business, as well as the work that goes on behind the scenes to build […]

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