LITerally Season 1

Season One with Monica pulls back the curtain to share with you the *entire* journey of building an online business… with all of the ups, downs, and lessons in between. Monica is starting her coaching business from square one, looking to build a profitable biz that lights her up. Tune in to see Monica’s transformation over the course of six months, and receive a much-needed dose of permission to do things your way.

This podcast literally takes you through the entire process of building a successful business and creating a lit up life. By recording every coaching session

In Session 1 with Monica, we’re talking about how to find a focus in messaging, what to do when imposter syndrome rears its head, the

In Session 2 with Monica, we discuss getting people on the phone before you’re ready, the importance of delivering a specific result on a call,

In Session #3 with Monica, we discuss the key to making fast shifts in life and biz, how to move past the narratives and stories

In Session 4 with Monica, we discuss handling “no-shows” for discovery calls, making content 10x easier to write and convert, breaking down WHAT actually creates

In Episode #6, I’m speaking solo to discuss showing up for your strategy and executing consistently in order to see big results in biz, why

In Session #5 with Monica, we discuss the importance of trade-offs in business and life (and how this could be what’s leaving you frustrated), making

In Session #6 with Monica, we discuss why feeling good is critical to the success of your biz, how to stop making it so hard

Episode #9 is another solo episode where I discuss the 3 components necessary to having all the success you want, how to stop solving the

In Session 7 with Monica, we discuss what to do when it feels like you’re not getting conversions, how to sell and communicate how you

In this Bonus Episode, we discuss the 3 Q’s I ask myself each day / week / month to consistently increase my income and make

In Session 8 with Monica, we discuss all things sales: how to feel confident on a sales call, making the sale without feeling pushy or

In Session 9 with Monica, we discuss what to do when you feel like you don’t know enough, how to stop playing small and start

In Episode 13, I discuss how your thoughts create your experience and your stories create your outcome, the REAL purpose of mindset work, and how

In Session 10 with Monica, we discuss how to yield the biggest results from your mindset practice, the power of going deep on your strategy

In Session 11 with Monica, we discuss the difference between inspiration and planning in your biz (and how they can live TOGETHER), how to create

In this bonus episode, I share with you how the online market is shifting and what will make the biggest difference in getting clients and

In Session 12 with Monica, we discuss how running events can help your biz, why what you’re doing to sell right now is probably only

In this solo episode, I discuss why the gap between when your mindset and actions shift and when you see bigger and more consistent results

In Session 13 with Monica, we are celebrating! Monica has two big announcements as we reflect on the impact of her daily mindset work, the

In Session 14 with Monica, we dissect the fastest path to more results, why ‘how you feel’ cannot dictate ‘what you do’, and how to

In Session 15 with Monica, we discuss why constantly thinking about *not* having what you want is holding you back (and how one small shift

In Session 16 with Monica, we discuss how the work you do is different than the marketing you do (and why understanding this difference makes

In this episode, I share the top 5 keys to executing consistently and getting long lasting results, the *real* reason mindset is everything, what’s required

In Session 17 with Monica, we discuss what patience and persistence have to do with getting more discovery calls, one of the best mentalities to

In Session 18 with Monica (our final coaching session!), we discuss what to do as you get close to getting full and booked out with

In this episode with Monica, we wrap up the first season of LITerally! I’m asking Monica to help close out this journey by asking about

In this bonus session with Monica, we’re getting an update! We see where Monica is three months after our last session, including how much money


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