LITerally: Little Ones

Little Ones is a special LITerally® podcast mini-series where over the course of 5 episodes, I interviewed 5 of my multiple-six and seven-figure clients who have all had a baby within the past year to talk about what their maternity leave looked like, what the best and the hardest parts have been, and what they wish they had known going into it, what their version of balance is and more.

The belief of success at ANY cost…actually has a really big cost.😬 We can believe “I can do it all myself – and perfectly” which

What if you built a business just for the sake of building a business? Only to realize you didn’t actually love most of what you

What happens when a seven figure business owner wants to scale back her hours and still provide financially for her family? When online business coach,

Wanna know how it’s possible to have a multi 6-figure business while working 15 hours a week… and starting a family and running a second

In our final episode of this special miniseries Little Ones, we talk to 7-figure business coach, Cait Scudder, who graciously models for us all how


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