How To Build Your Community AND Make Bank

Ready for a #truthbomb? It’s possible to build a thriving, VALUABLE community while building your business + bank account.
Because contrary to what some might say, these two things are not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to choose between building a community…or building an empire.  
You get to have both, so long as you are willing to DO both!
That means, we don’t JUST focus our time on selling…and we don’t JUST focus our energy on serving. We’ve got to make space in our day for both, because only then do our communities AND our businesses thrive.
Don’t believe me yet?
I built a thriving community AND an ever-growing bank account while staying value-based and in integrity the entire time. (Aka, no sleazy, slimy, manipulative tricks were needed. And I don’t talk about making XX amount five times a day!)
You see, I’m not one of those coaches who thinks you should only build a community to make more money. But, at the same time, I’m not one of those coaches who believes you shouldn’t sell to your community either.
For maximum results, we’ve got to develop a mindset where we can give value, serve, and be willing to receive all at the same time.
Here are my top 5 tips for creating a thriving, engaged community that also grows your bank account: 


1. Create an even energy exchange.

I often see biz owners approaching the growth of their community from one of two ways:
They want to build a community to serve, not to get anything in return. (i.e. They’re over-giving, never selling, and feeling confused on how to get clients and build their biz.)
They want to build a community to get clients. (i.e. They over-sell, under-serve, and it becomes a spam zone, not a true community.)
The problem with this? Being in it ONLY for service or ONLY for selling. Again, these aren’t mutually exclusive. Our businesses AND our communities thrive when we’re willing to have and do both.
That means, we get to create communities with an even energy exchange. How amazing is that?!
We get to build our following knowing that we’re going to pour into our community…and that in return our community will pour back into us + our business.
We support them with amazing value and support. They support us with clients, engagement etc. We allow them to ask questions, promote their services, etc. They let us showcase expertise, sell services, etc.
What a beautiful shift, right?
It’s only when we lose that even energy exchange that we start only giving (and feeling burnt out) or only selling (and losing our community).

2. Give your potential clients results before they ever pay you a dime.

A service provider who can provide her community with results before they shell out any money will always stand out louder and longer than the service provider with the fancy promises that never deliver.
If you want to stand out, build a community… and also make bank….

Give value that gets results….then ASK for the sale.

As you start to create this even energy exchange, one where you’re giving tremendous value AND open to receiving value in return, remember to sell. Ask for the sale. Ask for what you want. And know that if you put an offer on the table and it’s not picked up immediately, that doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.
This even exchange of giving value and selling needs to become part of your long-term game plan. Because that’s when your community AND your bank account will grow.

3. Share tons of value.

If you’ve followed me for awhile, then you probably already know about this one thing that has literally built my business.
It’s the thing that’s taken me from a brand new entrepreneur with no network…to a multiple six-figure earner in under two years. The thing that’s allowed me to build real relationships, make connections, and easily convert clients.
Plus, it’s the thing that’s helped me to know my community deeply, and make sure I’m always delivering what they want to hear in a way that feels good to me.
So, what thing am I talking about?


I have built my entire business on great content that mirrors, reflects, offers guidance, and creates relationships.
I’ve realized that real, human connection is possible through online content. We can build incredible, engaged communities by creating content with that human connection in mind. By remembering WHO is sitting at the other end of the computer screen. By understanding WHO will pick up our newsletter, Facebook post, or image and digest it before even beginning their day. When we focus on our clients – on the real, raw humans just like us ready to learn, grow, and move forward – then we can create connection without ever picking up the phone or meeting someone in person. Incredible, right?
Rather than feeling as if you must create content as a bonafide expert, what if you started believing that the ENTIRE goal of your content was to create a relationship with your audience? What would you do differently? How would that change the way you write or what you show up to say?

4. Give the engagement you want to receive.

In order to create a community that engages, YOU need to engage with your community members. It also means that you want your community members to feel that they can engage, too. That they can make offers, form connections, ask questions, etc. When a potential client feels in community and in relationship with you, then they are SO much more likely to buy!
So, if you’re wanting more engagement within your community, here are my top tips for creating engagement…or re-invigorating a less than engaged group / list:

  • Ask your community WHAT they want to hear from you. This might sound obvious, but it’s something we miss all too often. We can’t figure out why they won’t engage with us and we feel like we need to pull out all these tricks, but sometimes it’s just because we’re not talking about what they want to hear! Before you do anything else… make sure you ask your peeps what they want from YOU!
  • Ask for the engagement you want. Do you want them to comment below? Ask them a question! Do you want them to download your new opt-in? Tell them!
  • When you’re asking for that engagement. ask questions that people want to answer. Many people in these groups are looking for helpful advice, but they’re also looking for their next client. So when you’re asking questions like “who still hasn’t gotten their first client and is ready to give up and quit?!” that doesn’t exactly make them want to participate, ya know? Let them share where they need support, but also let them show up as experts with value to give as well.
  • Don’t just post and run. Seriously, this is the WORST. How many times have you commented on someone’s post only to get ZERO response? It’s just not cool, and it’s not how you build a relationship. You don’t want the person you’re dating to not respond to your text / call, so don’t do it to your peeps. They’re engaging with you (and giving you a gift I might add), so engage back.
  • Give value. If you know me you know I love value like a fat kid loves cake. Why? Because it matters. When you just throw out random questions at your community, or only offer sales calls they’re going to get bored with you FAST. When you give value they’re going to see what you offer, view you as an expert, and see you as a legitimate place to spend their money. Imagine being able to give someone results from your free stuff. Imagine how easy it is to create a relationship (and a future client) from there.


5. Stay consistent.

One of the things that can hold us back, keep us stuck, or make us pick up and change directions before we ever really get going is a lack of consistency.
Or rather… not creating consistency BEFORE we see results.
I often hear things like…“I’ll be more consistent once I have a client, gain more traction, have a bigger FB group, have more followers, etc.”
And, I get it. It’s scary to put ourselves out there when we’re not seeing the results. When people aren’t engaging, reaching out for discovery calls, or asking to join our groups. But, the problem with waiting to be consistent UNTIL we see results is that consistency BRINGS the results.
Showing up consistently for your community, giving them value day after day, and claiming your right to keep showing up to serve…THAT is what allows your community, and eventually your bank account, to grow.
Not to mention your value, expertise, ease, etc.
Let’s think about the world outside your business for a moment, shall we?
If someone you’re dating engaged with you for 5 days in a row, then completely ghosted for 10, then came back for 2, and so and so forth…you’d probably be DONE with them pretty soon. They didn’t show interest, so why should you?
This might be a personal example of relationship building, but we need to see it the exact same way when it comes to our business and our clients. We’re building real relationships with other humans. Humans who want to be seen, heard, and understood. If you’re on and off again with your clients, your community, and your potential followers, then it won’t be long before they say goodbye, too.
It’s easy to think we’ll be consistent when the praise and validation comes, but it’s crucial that we don’t wait.

Building a community that’s about service, engagement, connection, and results is one of the best things you can do for your business AND your bank account.  


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