The Weight of Perfection

A theme that has been coming up this week in several of my one-on-one client coaching sessions is the idea of perfection. As women entrepreneurs, or really just women in general, we often put these tremendous expectations on ourselves and no matter how much we accomplish we always feel like we fall short.
“I had a $10,000 week in my business, but I missed a date with a guy that had potential.”
“I spent time with my family and did some self-care, but I sent out my regular blog a day late.”
“I feel like I’m a good businesswoman but not always the best wife because I only make dinner for my husband every couple of weeks, and we don’t have sex all that often.”
“I have an amazing business idea and concept, but I know I’ll fail because I have no idea how to implement it.”

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Why "I'll be happy when…" Is The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Say

I used to be the queen of “I’ll be happy when…” I’ll be happy when I get a promotion. I’ll be happy when I finish this degree. I’ll be happy when I lose 5 lbs. The list could go on forever, but guess what? I did all of those things, and I still wasn’t happy. I was confused, upset, and frustrated. I had to do a ton of soul-searching and get happy FIRST before any of those things could truly add any level of joy or feelings of success into my life.
I did a tremendous amount of work on my mindset in order to find my happiness on the inside, rather than on the outside. One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from James Allen when he says, “Circumstances do not make the man. They merely reveal him to himself.” That was exactly what was taking place in my life. My circumstances weren’t causing me to be unhappy, but my mindset was. My circumstances and unhappiness were simply revealing to me a mindset that was no longer serving me.Quote10

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A Case For Entrepreneurship

When I first began designing my coaching business I had trouble defining who my ideal client was. I felt most called and qualified to work with women entrepreneurs after running my own successful businesses and completing my M.B.A. However, I also felt that there were already a tremendous amount of coaches focused on entrepreneurs and I wondered about the women in corporate America that needed assistance. I toyed with this idea for awhile, and spent time considering how I could help and support women that didn’t want to (or were unwilling to) leave their corporate careers. After much soul-searching I realized that I was meant to help women entrepreneurs because I really believe there is a tremendous case to be made for entrepreneurship.
Now I know this will ruffle some feathers, and that most would claim that certain people aren’t cut out to be entrepreneurs. They’d talk about scarcity and how everyone couldn’t possibly start (or run) their own business. However, I would disagree. I believe our corporate world no longer supports fulfillment, work-life balance, or freedom. It’s clear that the only way to guarantee these things is to create them for yourself by building your own business. If you truly consider it, I bet you would be very hard-pressed to think of anyone you know that totally loves, is fulfilled by, and has freedom in his or her job (unless they work for themselves).


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