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Money Flows Where It Has a Purpose

Big income months are good, big impact months are better, and both together is BEST.
That’s why it’s important to me to have conversations around how to create an impactful business, but to also be TOTALLY available to talk about income and making money without the shame or judgment around it.
I notice that in this industry it seems like we’ve created some extremes…. Where we ONLY talk about the impact or we ONLY talk about the money. Now, I get that this isn’t everyone (and that it’s a sweeping generalization) but I DO want to make the case that you CAN be about BOTH while being in INTEGRITY.
I’ve created consistent 5 figure months since my second month in business, and I know that we CAN be about the income in a way that feels good. One of my secrets of how I’ve been able to make that happen is that a huge part of it (besides putting in the blood, sweat, and tears of course!!) has been setting intentions.

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The thing that’s ruining your results….

Is it just me or does it seem like everything in our lives and businesses just gets more and more complicated?
Picking our Internet provider, figuring out the latest social media platform, or navigating the endless opt-ins, food choices, etc. means we’re constantly bombarded with choices and decisions to make.
All of these things not only use up our time, but they use up our mental energy. When we use up too much mental energy making decisions we deplete our mental resources causing us to either make poor decisions or to avoid making decisions all together.
This might explain why we know what we SHOULD do, we might even know exactly HOW to do it, but we still don’t. For example, many people know that they should exercise, and they even know how to exercise. Then why do they find it so challenging to actually do it?
Decision fatigue is likely the hidden culprit.
Let’s dive in to learn how to overcome it so you can move from operating as the “manager” of your life and business to operating as the CEO.

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If you want killer content you must do this…

Are you a slave to your inspiration in your biz??
Seriously, this is a PROBLEM for so many entrepreneurs.
We feel like we can only create, make things happen, etc. WHEN we’re feeling inspired and we feel like our inspiration is TOTALLY out of our hands.
But what if we actually took responsibility for that inspiration?
What if we made it our friend?
What if we cultivated and nurtured it like an important team member in our business?
Then we could create amazing content, put out awesome work and plan in a way that let us have strategy, inspiration AND flow.
Here’s how I do this in my business (and how I help my clients do the same):

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How Ditching Your Ideal Client Can Blow Up Your Business

Here’s why I think the ideal client is bullshit.
Because #letsgetreal … these ideal client exercises have gotten out of control.
We’re chasing an ideal that doesn’t exist.
We’re creating a checklist, not a guidepost.
We’re trying to figure out things about them that have ZERO to do with what we help with and how we serve.
We’re basically asking for blood types. Am I right?
I truly believe that there’s still mega-importance to know you who love working with, and who you want to speak to and serve in your content and programs.
BUT ALSO… I think the pendulum has swung way past the point of these being helpful and much more toward keeping us stuck.
I want to share with you how you can still identify your audience without feeling like each clients has to meet all the requirements of a 50 item checklist before they can work with you.

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How To Build An Engaged Community That Also Grows Your Bank Account

I’ve heard some stuff lately like… “Facebook groups are dying”.
I couldn’t disagree more.
Facebook groups that are unengaged, only about sales, or aren’t true communities might be dying, but REAL communities are not.
I’ve built my Facebook group to over 2,000 women and I’ve consistently used it to make five-figure months since my second month in business.
There is a way to build a thriving community that is valuable while also building your business and your bank account.
But here’s the key… we have to be willing to do BOTH.
We can’t JUST be about the selling and we can’t JUST be about the service. When we combine both is when not only will our communities thrive but when our businesses thrive!
Here are my best tips around how I’ve built a thriving community and my bank account while feeling value-based and integrity-based the whole time.

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Top 3 Sales Mistakes Keeping You From Killing It In Your Biz (and how to fix them!)

Are you killing it in your business??
If you answered yes… I bet you’re making sales #likeaboss
If you answered no… it’s time to look at your sales process to see what’s working and what’s not so you can create a rocking sales process.
Let’s take a look at the top mistakes that might be affecting your sales… and how to make the changes you need to start bringing in more clients and cash! (more…)

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Why I Refuse To Sell Myself (And Why You Should Too)

I believe we have too many people trying to translate hardcore sales tactics to the coaching/service-provider world, and it doesn’t fit. I’m on a mission to change the way we approach sales, and to me, that starts with learning that there is a huge difference between selling and selling YOURSELF.
I am always available to sell. I am never available to sell myself.
What do I actually mean by this? (more…)

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Is Time Your Friend or Enemy?

Time is a theme that has been coming up a ton within my FB group, with my clients, and is definitely something I’ve dealt with during my entrepreneurial journey. I…

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How being motivated by more than money will help you grow your business

What motivates you in your business?
At the beginning of our business it’s normal to be primarily motivated by money (because you have to make money to make a difference.. am I right?), but we’re not necessarily bringing it in right away so we need something ELSE to motivate us as well.
Then a little while into our businesses we’re bringing in the money and it’s motivating us to make more, but we’re starting to get a little itch that we need to connect to something MORE than money to KEEP us motivated.
Finally, as we’ve increased our income, and are hitting our goals the money is still awesome, but it’s not our driving factor, and if more than money hasn’t previously motivated us it will be easy to burn out. We’re also in the position of having to keep a team motivated, and trading dollars for hours isn’t doing the trick. We have to not only keep ourselves motivated by more than money, but our team as well.
So what does that mean? It means that STARTING OUT being motivated by more than money is key to your progression, evolution, ability to make money, and ultimately your impact!
That’s EXACTLY why I invited Erica Gellerman to join me for a conversation on this topic!

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25 Lessons That Took Me Over Six Figures My First Year In Business

As you might already know, I celebrated 1 year in business in July, and surpassed that elusive six-figure mark that most entrepreneurs strive for in their first year. Many of my friends, colleagues and clients have asked me what the secret was and my answer has always been, “There is no secret.”

However, there are many consistent right actions, and tons of lessons learned along the way. I’ve recently done a lot of reflecting on those lessons and wanted to share them with you!


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The #lituplivestream Challenge

Recently when I asked the members of my Facebook group The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur what they loved and what they wanted more of, they said livestreams from me and challenges to execute.
So in the spirit of executing and making things happen, we hosted an impromptu livestream challenge called #lituplivestream where we focused on visibility, execution, support, and connection with your ideal clients!
Even though the challenge isn’t live anymore, YOU can still go through it so that you can create some seriously awesome re-usable livestreams livestreams to grow your visibility and up your know, like, and trust factor like whoa!
The #lituplivestream challenge will help you EXECUTE… and complete a livestream each day (not just think about it!) that you can use and share to grow your business and visibility. I’ve listed out 5 prompts to use (so you don’t have to wonder… what am I going to talk about??) AND I’m sharing my own livestreams here (yes, I went through the challenge right alongside everyone! Gotta walk my talk.)
As you go through these prompts and create your own livestreams, use the hashtag #lituplivestream so you can share it in different places/groups but we can still find each other, support each other, and give feedback + love (feel free to tag me too!!)

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My 3 Biggest Challenges In My 1st Year of Biz

My 1 year business anniversary is at the end of this month (I can’t remember the exact date, so that’s what we’re rolling with), and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to share about it and how to commemorate it.

I have had some big wins…

And I want to celebrate those…. but what I really want is to be real, raw, and honest with you about what it took to create those wins, and the pitfalls along the way. I know I truly have learned from others who have gone before me, and I want that opportunity to be available to all of you!

So I’m going to share my three biggest CHALLENGES I’ve experienced this year (in this business specifically – not my other) and how I’ve dealt with them, and how you can too.


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Struggling With Sales?

Recently I surveyed my community about what they were struggling with most in their business. The #1 topic they chose?


I hear this so often. In fact, it’s exactly why I created my Value-Centered Sales™ program.

Because I think a lot of people see sales as their issue, but they don’t know how to do it in a way that feels good to them. They don’t know how to step back from the “ick” factor, and step into their power. They need a different way to do sales as a service-based entrepreneur that actually wants to be about service.

I also think that often people mislabel “sales” as their challenge when it’s usually a small, underlying challenge within the process that they’re not looking at.

Let’s talk about how to identify what your problem is, how to figure out where in the sales process you’re experiencing challenges, and what to do about them.

The first piece of this is getting your mindset in check and being sold on yourself first.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…


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The Money Isn't In Your List

The Money Isn’t In Your List (Or Group)… It’s In Your ENGAGEMENT With The People On/In It

I hear “the money is in your list” as a statement used constantly in this industry and in marketing. Yet, for those of us in service-based businesses… it’s just not true. The money isn’t in your list, it’s not in your FB group, and it’s definitely not in your social media following.

The money is in your ENGAGEMENT with that list, that group, that social media following.

As a coach who created over 100K in 10 months of business, and saw quick results right out of the gate… I know that is why.

I made my audience my priority… I created amazing content for them, and then focused on engaging on that content.

Do numbers matter? Certainly. But what matters more than numbers, and what matters BEFORE numbers is engagement!

At the end of the day you can have 5,000 people on your list but if none of them want to connect with you… they certainly won’t be buying from you!

I often see people saying that they’re worried about engaging too much. They think it will burn them out, that it will make them resentful, or that their audience will be less likely to buy if they have too much access to them.

I call bullshit.

YOU get to decide how much you let it burn you out. YOU get to see the energy exchange with your audience as positive, beneficial, and even. YOU get to build relationships that make them WANT to hire you.

Don’t get me wrong… we all need boundaries. I have to have boundaries because I have to prioritize myself and my paying clients. However, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a middle ground where you can build SERIOUSLY engaged relationships and community without hurting yourself or your clients.

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Why You Should Give Yourself A Performance Review As An Entrepreneur

Did you hate corporate performance reviews? Let’s be honest, most of us have had a crappy performance review experience.

One of mine was when our CEO magically tried to add in 3 extra (seriously heavy) responsibilities during mine without me noticing and having to tell her that without a big raise that wasn’t happening.  Not exactly fun in the middle of a review on your “willingness to be a team player” am I right?

However, I’m all about taking things I learned form the 9-5 and business school and translating them to the entrepreneurial world.

I was recently inspired to do this by one of our Leading Greatly podcast guests, Jena Abernathy. Jena is the author of The Inequality Equalizer, and told us that she did her OWN performance reviews before her superiors, and recommends her clients do the same.

I realized… why are we not translating this to entrepreneurship? I mean, I’m my own CEO and boss so I should surely be evaluating my performance right? Let’s not stay blind to where we’re killing it or where we could improve.

Let me walk you through a mini-performance review so that you can look at areas for improvement, opportunity, and over-delivery as well as give yourself some serious cheerleading and credit for the areas where you’re killing it!


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3 Lessons I Learned From A Lit Up Partnership

As you might know, I recently created a business model where I took on clients who are only paying me 15% of the revenue they generate during our work together, and I recruited 5 other coaches to do the same so that we can create case studies to see if this model is a long-term sustainable model within the coaching industry.  I had 76+ women apply and 35+ finish the 3-part application process.
Now, I’m breaking down lessons that I learned from #alituppartnership so that you can apply them to your business!
Anytime we do something in our business, especially something new, it’s so important to look back at what worked, what didn’t, and what lessons were learned, and apply that moving forward.

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Leading With Intention

Leadership wasn’t something I was born with. I hear a lot of people say that they were a born leader. They were leading other kids on the playground, telling their siblings what to do, or taking on leadership roles in their classrooms at age 7. That was NEVER me. I was an only child, the youngest of all my cousins, and frankly, rather happy being a follower most of the time. 

I didn’t start to lead fearlessly until I started to love me. I can’t stress that enough… leadership started for me when I started to unapologetically be ME. This was a gradual process that started in my teens, and continues to evolve to this day. However, self-love was the first and by far the most important step to living with meaning and living as a leader.

I took on my first official leadership role when I was 19 years old and have had many since then. Each of them has revealed a new layer of myself to me, and ultimately has allowed me to love myself more, forgive myself when necessary, and be even more of who I am meant to be.

That is what a great leader does…sees their role not as a way to direct others, but as a way to evolve themselves while evolving others.  One of my favorite experiences of evolving my own leadership came from a week spent at a leadership development program I was sent to by my former employer.


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Incorporate More YOU While Staying True To Your Brand

How do you incorporate more of YOU into your business and messaging while still staying true to your brand?

After having amazing conversations with many women this week that went through #alituppartnership process, I’ve heard a lot of them saying that they’re finding striking that balance really challenging!

First, let’s talk about how your mindset impacts your ability to incorporate YOU into your business while staying on message!

Some of the mindset issues I’ve been noticing the most are:


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The 3 Things I Did That Made My Biz Take Off!

As entrepreneurs, sometimes we try too hard to work on #allthethings, but we’re not necessarily focusing on the right things to grow our business. Today I’m sharing with you the 3 things that I focused on that allowed my biz to take off.
First, I got serious about mindset work.
Before I started my business I knew mindset work was important. I worked as a therapist, read all the books, and saw how my own confidence and ability to be positive impacted the results I created in my life. Yet, I didn’t PRACTICE it regularly. I had the knowledge but I wasn’t putting it to great use.
Can you identify with that? Knowing how important mindset work and self-care is but always making it last on your list?

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Are You Repurposing Your Content

This week I want to share with you how you can effectively repurpose your content, and get smart & strategic!
I’ve talked to so many amazing women lately that are putting a TON of pressure on themselves to create new, exciting content for every platform they’re on multiple times per day. This can be SO draining and unproductive. Not to mention, it’s just not necessary, which is why repurposing effectively is so crucial.
Let’s first start with the mindset behind it. We are often putting way more pressure on ourselves than is necessary around new content. We think that if we repurpose content that people will notice and stop following us OR that we won’t be able to generate new clients.

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This Time Last Year My Business Didn't Even Exist…

I am setting intentions for May today, and one of my intentions is to provide you more real, raw content about what it really takes to build a successful business. I mean #letsgetreal … there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and it’s time to start talking about it! So here it goes….
This time last year this business didn’t even exist, and it wouldn’t for another 2.5 months.
And now? I’m close to crossing the 100K mark in this business (a little past the 90K mark right now).
But before I go any further…. let’s get something out of the way… this isn’t one of those posts about how easy it is to make 100K in 10 minutes…it’s going to take me over 9 months (which by the way I still think is pretty good!). This is one of those posts about what did and didn’t go INTO making that money.

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Are You Asking The Right Questions In Your Business?

This week I want to talk to you about focusing on how we can give value, and asking the right questions in your business!
We’re used to asking questions like:
– How can I add 1,000 people to my list?
– How can I make 10K per month?
– How can I sign 6 new clients?
However, a tip I learned from the amazing Margaret Lynch that has transformed my business, is that instead of asking those questions I ask how I can give value commiserate with that. In other words:
– How can I give value to 1,000 new people?
– How can I give 10k worth of value per month?
– How can I give 6 new people a life + business changing experience?

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Executing Effectively In Your Life + Biz

Recently, in my Facebook group  someone asked this question: "We all have more than enough how to's, but how to's are not enough to build a business or reach a goal.…

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