Is Done Really Better Than Perfect?

Yes, Definitely!

This week I want to talk to you about a topic that has been coming up a ton lately with the women I coach. This is the idea that “done is better than perfect”. I want to talk about how to drop the need for perfection and just get moving anyway, which will make all the difference in your business, your content, and your success.
The ability to put content out and make decisions even when it doesn’t feel PERFECT also seems to be one of the things that really separates those that end up finding success + flow and those that end up just burning out. All too often we want to make sure EVERY move we make in our business is PERFECT, and it ends up causing us major stress, keeps us from moving forward, and keeps success + visibility just out of reach.
So let’s talk about how you can incorporate this into your business:

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I want more women to have these goosebumps…

AND obviously more clients + cash!
I have been feeling extra high vibe and thankful this week, and have been spending a lot of time reflecting on how different my life looks now than it did just over 2 years ago.
The me of 2+ years ago was SUPER stressed and overwhelmed during the holidays and NEVER took time off because I wanted my employees to be able to take the time. I would run around like crazy, and always ended up buying Christmas presents on Christmas Eve (after I left work that is). I even forgot to get my husband a Christmas card 2 years in a row.

This year I have the extreme pleasure of making my own schedule, not living in burn out mode, and getting to truly ENJOY what the holidays are really about rather than just rushing through them. 

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Transform Your Biz With Gratitude + Celebration

I’m sharing how it’s worked for me, and what actionable steps you can take right now!

Since it was Thanksgiving Week here in the U.S. I am going to be slightly cheesy and talk about the role of gratitude and celebrating in your business, which I am certain is one of the main components to consistent success in business.

Cultivating a mindset of gratitude is so crucial when you’re an entrepreneur. We get to choose how we see things in our business and we get to control what shows up in our business based on our level of gratitude for what we already have.
At the beginning of my business I offered an assessment and remember telling my husband how bummed I was that only 10 women signed up as I really thought more would be interested.
As soon as it came out of my mouth I realized how ridiculous it sounded, and how ungrateful I was being for the 10 women that WERE interested. As soon as I shifted my thinking to being grateful for the 10 women I GOT to talk to (instead of whining about the 15 that I wanted) I had a total transformation.

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How are you showing up in your business? Plus My Personal Story

This week I want to talk to you about how you SHOW UP in your business, and what PARTS of you show up in your business. I am talking about this from a very personal perspective, as it is something I continue to learn, evolve into, and sometimes struggle with in my own business.
Showing up in your business, not just with consistency but on a personal level can feel scary, difficult to navigate and overwhelming. It can be so challenging to demonstrate all these parts of you through your business, but it is also essential to creating that know, like, and trust factor and really engaging your audience and transforming your business.

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I've never shared this before…

I’ve never shared this before…But it’s time!
Today I want to tell you a really personal story that I’ve been putting off sharing with you all for far too long. I love to connect, give great content, and enjoy working with all of you more than you know, but one of the things that I’ve been holding back on sharing is my own success. Why is that? Probably a few reasons, but the reasons aren’t important. What IS important is that I’m doing it anyway.

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Do You Really Know Your Niche?


This week I want to talk to you about how niching down and getting clear on your ideal client is a way to see serious results in your biz.

We’re going to talk:

  • Why it’s so important
  • How it trips a lot of people up at the beginning, and what to do instead
  • Doing ideal client interviews in your business
  • How to infuse YOU into your content + writing

Niching down and choosing an ideal client is so important because speaking to a specific client about how you help them deal with a specific problem is so crucial to creating a profitable business and building that know, like, and trust factor.


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Ready To Cultivate Some Major Inspiration In Your Biz?

This week I want to talk to you about cultivating inspiration and using inspiration to drive your content creation and business plans.
We’re going to cover:

  • Why it’s so important
  • How to cultivate your inspiration
  • How to use your inspiration to drive your business planning
  • How to use inspiration as a motivator

Inspiration is crucial in your business. Inspiration is ultimately what drives us to get up in the morning and keep moving forward in our business, especially when we’re not seeing the results we want. For many entrepreneurs the reason they started their business is because they were inspired by something and felt a serious calling, so continuing to tap into that inspiration and that strong calling you feel is vital. Personally, I’m inspired by helping other women create a lit up life by building a business they love that shares their light and message – that inspires me and makes me want to get up every day.

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Are You Being Consistent In Your Biz?

Let’s talk why consistency is crucial and how to maintain it…

This week I wanted to share with you the importance of being consistent in sharing your content and showing up in your business. We’re going to talk why it’s so important, how to create your own definition of consistency, how to create a plan around your desired level of consistency, and how to use consistency as a relationship builder.
Consistency is so important because it is what ultimately creates a business. Showing up every day and taking the next right action and the next step is the ultimate driving force behind success. However, for many entrepreneurs there’s too much stop and start and then they don’t see the results of the effort they’re putting in, and they find themselves frustrated. However, the results won’t come before consistency is in place.
That is why creating your own definition of consistency is crucial. Ideally you’re showing up and consistently putting out content and being visible every day. However, that doesn’t work for everyone and sometimes that causes new entrepreneurs to stop before they start. The solution? Create your own definition of consistency and stick to it. Also, be sure to make it realistic and ensure that it fits your life and business.

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Ready To Create + Plan Your Content In Advance?

I have been dying to share with you all how important it is to create and plan your content in advance! Planning your content accordingly and in advance removes the expectation that we so often put on ourselves to be creative and inspired on the spot. It also helps you be visible and drop the excuses for why you’re not putting yourself and your biz out there.
Here’s a fun affirmation to use for this:

I use a simple process for beginning to plan your content that involves creating categories and themes around your message. Categories are the top 5 areas surrounding your message. They have lots of different pieces to them and you could go on forever about these topics.

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