My Clients’ BIGGEST Launch Secret

My clients have recently been launching programs with really amazing results… 13, 20, and even 100 person launches! And even though each of them have used different strategies for their launches, I’ve noticed one thing they all have in common that I believe has contributed to their success. I’m talking all about that “launch secret” in this video:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • (4:00) – The “one thing” needed for your launch to work
  • (5:50) – The truth about sales from launches
  • (7:40) – What most people are doing that reinforces the belief that “it’s not working”
  • (8:50) – The question to ask when choosing a launch strategy
  • (12:15) – What really doesn’t work
  • (17:35) – “The thing” is…
  • (19:35) – What no one tells you about launching
  • (21:45) – Where people waste the most energy in launching
  • (23:15) – Your launch plan doesn’t need to be complicated, it just has to be…
  • (25:50) – Winning before you’ve already won
  • (29:20) – Staying in it all the way
  • (31:30) – Momentum and other benefits of launching
  • (35:00) – What you do and don’t want to do after a launch
  • (39:50) – Detaching from the results

My Top 5 Secrets for Making Sure Your Next Investment is Your BEST Investment

Thinking about WHERE to invest can be totally overwhelming. There are so many coaches out there, so many programs and courses and guides, so many different service providers who all seem to be selling exactly what we think we need, and so many software or task management systems that we’ve convinced ourselves we’ve just got to have.

So, the question becomes, how do we cut through the clutter and actually figure out what’s best for us at this moment in our businesses and lives? (Cause, yep, it does change!)

Here’s my secret formula for deciding WHEN and WHERE to invest.

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5 Tips for Minimizing Decision Fatigue (and Maximizing Productivity)

Is it just me or does it seem like everything in our lives and businesses just gets more and more complicated?

Picking our Internet provider, figuring out the latest social media platform, navigating the endless opt-ins shoved in our faces, or understanding what’s healthy and what’s not in between a sea of different opinions.

We’re constantly bombarded with choices and decisions to make.

All of these things not only use up our time, but they also use up our mental energy. And when we use up too much mental energy, we deplete our mental resources. When we deplete our mental resources, we either make poor decisions or avoid making decisions all together. (And that’s not so good for our lives or our businesses!)

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