3 Challenges • One Low Price

   I WANT IT!   

Are you ready to skyrocket your growth?

I think you could say that I know a thing or two about what it takes to build a successful online business.... 

I've earned consistent 5-figure months since my second month in business, crossed the 6-figure mark within 10 months, and created a multi 6-figure business in 16 months. I've helped countless women entrepreneurs create successful 6- and 7-figure businesses that light them up.

No, there's not a magic pill or step-by-step blueprint to follow. My secret weapon to growing my tribe and converting them to paying clients? 

I consistently get visible and share valuable content, I've mastered the art of hosting killer challenges filled with my ideal clients, and I've created a sales foundation that works for ME. 

Take a moment to imagine how GOOD it would feel….  

....to consistently attract your ideal clients ....to grow your tribe with raving fans ....and to convert them into PAYING clients with ease

That's EXACTLY what the Ultimate Biz Building Bundle will help you do!

Ready to get visible, grow your tribe, and sell with ease?



In The Content Planning Party, you’ll create 15 weeks worth of content (and even have fun doing it!). You’ll walk away with a clear plan for EXACTLY what content you’ll create for the next 3+ months to ensure that you show up, get visible, and bring in those clients and cash!

You'll get:

  • A value-packed PDF with 5 videos + worksheets to walk you through planning 15 weeks' worth of content in as little as 5 days
  • An inside peek into own process of planning content that allows me to consistently be visible online
  • A clear plan for EXACTLY what content to create for the next 3+ months 


In A Challenge On Challenges, you'll learn how hosting challenges have been my secret weapon for list-building and Facebook group growth. I share my exact process for creating a killer challenge that grows your group, builds your list, and ultimately gives you raving fans and PAYING clients! 

Inside, you'll get: 

  • A value-packed PDF with 5 videos + worksheets to walk you through creating your own challenge to grow your tribe
  • Tips on how to market and promote your challenge without feeling salesy
  • The process I use to convert challenge participants into PAYING clients  


In Sell Well, you'll build a Value-Centered Sales® foundation that brings in the clients + cash. I'll teach you the steps you need to start the sale, and set yourself up for more yes's, more clients, and more cash MINUS the ick. 

You'll get:

  • A value-packed PDF with 5 videos + worksheets to help you set up a sales foundation (that starts WAY before the discovery call) so. that you can make more sales with more ease in a way that feels authentic.  
  • Tips on how to start the sale, set yourself up for more yes's, more clients, and more cash WITHOUT the ick.
  • The process I use to create a high-converting sales process that feels good for you AND for your client.  


The Ultimate Biz Building Bundle includes THREE challenges, each with 5 videos and 5 worksheets, where I'm sharing with you my exact processes for planning content, hosting challenges, and starting my sales process - that together have allowed me to build a multi-6 figure business in under 16 months. 

Are You Ready to Bring in More Clients + Cash?!