Behind-the-Scenes Peek at A Lit Up Partnership

A Lit Up Partnership is an innovative coaching model where I work with clients for 20% of the revenue they generate in our work together… RATHER than for a set payment upfront.
I’ve run the partnership three times – and in celebration of round FOUR of this amazing process (going on now – learn more here!), I’m sharing a peek behind-the-scenes at this process AND the results from each round!
Some stats from my participants from round 1:

  • Made more money in 5 days than she had in any previous month
  • 9x overall her revenue
  • Fully filled a group program
  • 4x their client load and raised prices
  • 7x their income in under 3 months
  • Filled their practices
  • Left their 9-5s
  • Created an income that allowed her husband to quit his job to be part of her business
  • Made $1500 in one week on a passive income product

Some stats from my participants from round 2:

  • Two paid me MORE than my coaching fee
  • 4-5x her income
  • Launched completely new business models
  • Got featured in Forbes
  • Filled her practice
  • Created six figures of income within 6 months
  • Sold out her offers TWICE
  • Built teams (woo!)
  • First livestreams (over 5k views in 2 months)

Some stats from my participants from round 3:

  • First $10k+ month
  • Started consistently hitting five figure months
  • Moved to Bali
  • Had a first five figure launch
  • Started to build a team to support her
  • Doubled a launch goal for a group program
  • Growing a Facebook group to over 2k members
  • 3x list size
  • Quit her job
  • Sold out a private practice with clients she loves

…. And I’m not even mentioning the empowerment, mindset shifts, and serious up-levels that took place along the way! Things like CONFIDENCE in running a business (not an expensive hobby), TRUST in your business continuing to support you month after month, and learning to effectively navigate uncomfortable situations in business. (Cause we all go through them, especially the more our business grows.)
Want a peek behind-the-scenes of the process, how I came up with the idea, and why it’s been such a game-changer in my business? Here’s two key points:

1. Be Open to Inspired Ideas

If we’re being totally honest and transparent, I thought of A Lit Up Partnership out of the blue… while I was taking a bubble bath.
Less than one week later and women were filling out the application.
The Lit Up Partnership has brought so much fun, joy, income, connection, and innovation into my business… but it could have been something that never happened if I chalked it up to a crazy bubble bath idea and moved on.
I’ve not only experienced this myself, but I’ve seen this with so many of my clients. If they have an inspired idea that feels good, and we take action… amazing things almost always occur.
I tell my clients that it’s their job to listen to their intuition and it’s my job to help them put mindset, strategy, and execution around it.
The other thing I’ve noticed is that if you DON’T take action around your inspired ideas (even small, imperfect action) it can be REALLY easy to start dismissing them. If I hadn’t acted quickly on the partnership… I probably wouldn’t have acted.
I would have started second guessing it, asking if it really made sense for my business, and gotten feedback that it was a bad idea. (To keep with transparency, I actually I DID get that feedback… I just didn’t have enough time to DWELL on it). By taking the action and moving toward my inspired idea, the path opened, the right people appeared, and the experience has continued to be EPIC.
Throughout the partnership, the clients have all launched new offers, packages, and programs (many of which sold out) and those inspired ideas? Well, they’re the reason that those clients experienced success, and that I did as an extension.
How can you apply this? Be willing to LISTEN IN for those crazy ideas. Give your intuition the chance to speak to you, whether that’s through quiet time, walks, journaling, meditation, etc. And then ACT on them. Don’t stay stuck. Don’t second guess when your intuition is screaming at you.
Start taking even small action toward your idea and you will be amazed at what appears. You’ll also be amazed at how fun and enjoyable it is!

2. Test Your Ideas!

I believe that if you have an inspired idea, you should take action and not wait. However, that does not mean you need to work with reckless abandon.
A Lit Up Partnership was a great idea. I needed to take action on this great, inspired idea. However, I also needed to remember that this partnership model was NOT a tested and proven model. It would have been a little crazy for me to go full force and change my entire business model based on this one idea.
So, what did I do? How did I navigate taking action AND testing at the same time?
I experimented with round 1 of the partnership. I didn’t change my entire business model. I kept my “traditional” clients. I kept the services that were already proven to work. I simply added a new experimental service – the partnership. I took on a set number of clients, without needing to end any contracts with current clients, knowing full well this could be a great success OR a disappointment… and neither would be a huge deal when it came to my business, my finances, or my livelihood.  
Because the partnership worked THREE times already, I’m doing it again. But, if the model hadn’t worked? I certainly wouldn’t be doing it again, and I wouldn’t be kicking myself in the butt.
I tell my clients all the time… you don’t know whether or not something works until you DO it. But it’s important to also dip your toe in the water before jumping all the way in. My partnership clients did this, too… they tested out what felt good to them in their business, they experimented with different ideas, and ultimately found their golden zone of genius.
When it comes to your business, you don’t want to make MAJOR changes in your business, huge pivots, etc. without first being PATIENT and WILLING to test it out. Follow your intuition and inspired ideas, but be willing to test their efficacy like the CEO you are. Whether you do a ton of market research, launch a beta program, host a small group, or offer a scholarship… find your patience, conduct the test, and USE the evidence to leverage your idea moving forward.
Tell us in the comments below – how are you tuning in to your own inspiration and intuition? How are you currently testing an idea in your business? 
Curious how you can apply for A Lit Up Partnership? Click here to learn more!


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