Want to change your reality? Change your environment.

Who we surround ourselves with matters.
What I mean by this is that we’re influenced – for better or worse! – by the relationships we keep in both business and life. You’ve probably heard of the quote from Jim Rohn that says we’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. With this, he’s really just saying that we start to think and act like the people around us are thinking and acting.
This can be incredibly detrimental OR incredibly helpful.
Here’s what I mean! (more…)

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2 Steps to Creating Consistent Connections (and BIG results) in Your Business

I get asked regularly how I created success so quickly in my business. The answer is not a grand 5-step plan or some big secret. Here’s what I did:

I showed up every. single. day.

I’d say that’s it, that’s all I did, but I know showing up consistently isn’t easy. In fact, showing up consistently BEFORE we see results can be quite hard. BUT, it’s what will make all the difference between success and failure when we’re starting out.
For me, showing up meant looking at my relationship with my tribe and my business just like any other relationship.
I knew that if someone I was dating showed up to hang out with me for 5 days in a row, then dropped off the face of the earth for 10 days, then came back for 2, etc…we wouldn’t be hanging out together for long. I realized right away that my potential clients, tribe, and followers feel the same way. They expect (and want) me to show up consistently even BEFORE they start engaging, interacting, and showing up for me. (more…)

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How to Market Like a BOSS

When it comes to marketing, it is so crucial we understand that our clients interpret our value on different levels.
What I mean by that is our clients recognize value on several levels: our unique selling point, our framework, the results we’re most excited about, and the results our clients desire. We have to be VERY clear when to market to – and when to talk about – each one.
What I see happening too often is that we market something that our potential clients are not yet ready for. We take it to mean they’re not interested in buying, but in reality we’re speaking a LANGUAGE they’re not ready for.
Instead, we’ve to got to talk about our unique selling point (our golden egg in marketing terms) as it relates to our clients. THIS is how to market like a boss. (more…)

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Want to make more money? 4 ways to CLOSE more sales RIGHT away!

Want to make more money? Want to close more sales?
If so, then here’s something important to learn: you don’t have to choose between selling OR serving. In fact, only when we make space for BOTH selling AND serving do our communities and our businesses thrive.
This means that for maximum income and impact, it’s super important to develop a mindset – and a sales process – that is open to giving value, serving our tribes, and receiving abundance all at the same time!
There are too many people trying to make hardcore sales tactics work in the coaching / service-provider world. The problem is they just don’t fit what we’re trying to sell (i.e deeply personal human to human support… not fax machines).
We need to change the way we approach sales, which means we need to learn the difference between selling and selling YOURSELF. In other words, I am always available to sell. I am never available to sell myself.  
What do I mean? (more…)

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Are Facebook groups and funnels REALLY dying? Maybe.

“Facebook groups are dying.”
“Marketing funnels don’t work anymore.”
“Webinars no longer convert.”
There’s been talk around the block lately that Facebook groups, webinars, and even email funnels are no longer useful in business, particularly when it comes to growing an audience (and your bank account).
But, these numbers only tell one side of the story.
What I want to hone in on is WHY they’re “dying”.
Because…Facebook groups, webinars, or email funnels that are unengaged, only about sales, or aren’t true communities MIGHT be dying (probably should be dying)…but REAL communities?
Real communities are not going away. Real communities are here to stay.
…and, those real communities will build your business and your bank account for the long haul! Here’s how. (more…)

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What to do if you’re not seeing results in your business

Do you ever feel like you’re so close, but not yet actually at the success you want? Or, do you ever feel like you’re doing ALL the things and just hoping – maybe silently and desperately praying – that something will stick?
If so, then here’s a little something you might not yet know. Success doesn’t always come from action. Success doesn’t always look like action – result – action – result.
I know, this is an annoying one to hear, right? Still grinds my gears a little too, but it’s true. In fact, when we get ATTACHED to looking at the actions we take in this way, we BLOCK our power and our energy. We block the exact power and energy that attracts our desires in the first place.
This means that when we bank on taking an action and experiencing a particular result, we are less likely to actually receive that result.
Now, this doesn’t mean we don’t have goals and desired outcomes. It doesn’t mean we don’t take action in an effort to meet our goals and desired outcomes. Instead, it means we’re not just taking action to immediately hit those goals. In fact, it means we’re SO committed to those goals that we’re going to keep showing up while they show up (and heck, maybe even enjoy the process).  
Here’s what it actually takes to create our desired success – from mindset to strategy to execution! (more…)

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My Top 5 Secrets for Making Sure Your Next Investment is Your BEST Investment

Thinking about WHERE to invest can be totally overwhelming. There are so many coaches out there, so many programs and courses and guides, so many different service providers who all seem to be selling exactly what we think we need, and so many software or task management systems that we’ve convinced ourselves we’ve just got to have.
So, the question becomes, how do we cut through the clutter and actually figure out what’s best for us at this moment in our businesses and lives? (Cause, yep, it does change!)
Here’s my secret formula for deciding WHEN and WHERE to invest. (more…)

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5 Tips for Minimizing Decision Fatigue (and Maximizing Productivity)

Is it just me or does it seem like everything in our lives and businesses just gets more and more complicated?
Picking our Internet provider, figuring out the latest social media platform, navigating the endless opt-ins shoved in our faces, or understanding what’s healthy and what’s not in between a sea of different opinions.
We’re constantly bombarded with choices and decisions to make.
All of these things not only use up our time, but they also use up our mental energy. And when we use up too much mental energy, we deplete our mental resources. When we deplete our mental resources, we either make poor decisions or avoid making decisions all together. (And that’s not so good for our lives or our businesses!) (more…)

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How To Build Your Community AND Make Bank

Ready for a #truthbomb? It’s possible to build a thriving, VALUABLE community while building your business + bank account.
Because contrary to what some might say, these two things are not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to choose between building a community…or building an empire.  
You get to have both, so long as you are willing to DO both!
That means, we don’t JUST focus our time on selling…and we don’t JUST focus our energy on serving. We’ve got to make space in our day for both, because only then do our communities AND our businesses thrive.
Don’t believe me yet?
I built a thriving community AND an ever-growing bank account while staying value-based and in integrity the entire time. (Aka, no sleazy, slimy, manipulative tricks were needed. And I don’t talk about making XX amount five times a day!)
You see, I’m not one of those coaches who thinks you should only build a community to make more money. But, at the same time, I’m not one of those coaches who believes you shouldn’t sell to your community either.
For maximum results, we’ve got to develop a mindset where we can give value, serve, and be willing to receive all at the same time.
Here are my top 5 tips for creating a thriving, engaged community that also grows your bank account:  (more…)

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Why Finding Your Ideal Client is Bullshit… And What To Do Instead

I think the whole ideal client thing is bullshit. Seriously… I do.
We’re chasing an ideal that doesn’t exist.
Sure, there is value in knowing who you love to work with. It’s great to understand who lights you up, who leaves you feeling energized, who you get and understand and therefore can best serve. It’s helpful, for your sake and your client’s sake, to know who are speaking to and for who your services and programs are made.
But, at this point, the ideal client pendulum is swinging way past the point of value. These ideal client exercises are becoming excuses. They’re reasons to stay stuck, to not move, to not take action. They’re becoming another justification for why we’re not ready to sell, to speak up, or to share our thoughts… because we feel like we need “MORE”… more research, more info, more clarity, etc.
And that’s the opposite of what ideal client work is supposed to do. Ideal client work that is helpful will PROPEL you forward, knowing exactly when to speak and what to say. Not the other way around. (more…)

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5 Ways Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable Has Helped Me Achieve Major Success

There’s a lot of talk in the entrepreneurial space that you should only do things in your business from a place of “flow” and “ease”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about both of those things, but you can still have ease (which ironically is different than EASY) and you can still have flow (which ironically is NOT the opposite of hustle) WHILE showing up daily and creating momentum and results in your business.
Yet, this requires a willingness to get comfortable being uncomfortable. To decide that not everything has to feel “amazing” in order to get it done. To recognize that many things that are new WILL be uncomfortable at the beginning.
The quicker you can get comfortable in the uncomfortable, the quicker you’ll see results in your business. How do I know? Let me share with you the 5 ways that getting comfortable being uncomfortable has helped me achieve major success as an entrepreneur…

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